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There is no better way to determine if Riverside Military Academy is the right place for your family than visiting our campus and meeting the RMA family. We offer a variety of ways to visit. You can come for a family tour, to one of our Campus Open House events, or meet with us at one of the mixers in your community. We are confident that once you see our cadets, faculty, and staff all working together in world-class facilities, you will know the next steps to take. Until you can join us on campus.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the difference between an Open House and a Campus Tour?

    The Open House is comprehensive, but general in nature. At the Open House, you will hear from the President and other senior staff, you will a chance to tour the campus and meet cadets, coaches and department heads. It is a great overview, but given the large numbers of attendees, we may not have the ability to drill down to specific questions about your family’s unique needs.
    The Campus Tour is much more personal to your individual needs because it is just your family and your admissions counselor. Usually, we can connect you with the people you want to meet with, but because the tour occurs during a normal duty day, sometimes they may be unavailable while you are on campus.
    Regardless of the option you choose, we are confident that you will leave with a greater understanding of Riverside and the next steps to take.
  • When and how are campus tours offered?

    We want you to see what a normal day in the life looks like and have the ability to interact with all of our faculty, staff, and coaches. Typically, we offer campus tours Monday-Friday at 10 am and 2 pm. On average, a tour lasts approximately two hours. Wear comfortable shoes because the majority of the time we will be walking throughout campus and talking about the program while we do so. If you are already in the application or inquiry process, contact your admissions counselor to schedule a tour. If not, call the main office at 1-877-692-2338 and we will schedule you.
  • How do I register for an Admissions event?

    Look at the events on the right and click on the event you are interested in. From that page, you can submit an RSVP.  You can also click on the RSVP NOW button above and pick the event you would like to RSVP for. Fill in the required information and submit so that we can be prepared to warmly welcome you on the day of the event. 
  • What is a meet and greet or parent mixer?

    In many cases, we know it can be difficult to get to campus for a visit. So, from time to time, we will host mixers in cities and states where we have a lot of prospective and current families. These events are free, informal, and informative ways to extend campus to you and to provide you a forum to ask questions of local RMA families and staff who are there to support the event.