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A Boarding School for Boys that Celebrates and Welcomes Diversity

Students from all corners of the world come to Riverside Military Academy to achieve their full potential. One of the greatest strengths of our boarding school is the incredible diversity of our student population. We have a corps that represents 30 different countries and 30 states from around the U.S. The discipline, structure, and teamwork of our boarding school in Georgia makes an impactful difference in the lives of all cadets regardless of background.

It’s our job and great pleasure to help international families enroll at Riverside Military Academy. Our goal is to make the process as simple as possible. Whether you’re new to the process entirely or are planning to transfer in from another high school boarding school, we’re here to help you achieve your dream of studying abroad. We focus on finding the proper enrollment timeframe for your family. Sometimes a summer enrollment may be appropriate to boost English proficiency or help the student acclimate to our campus before the full year begins. On the other hand, a fall or spring enrollment may be best for you. Whatever the next step should be, we’ll help you find it.

When you become a part of the Riverside Military Academy family, you become a member of a worldwide network of Brothers-In-Blue ready to connect with you while you attend and after you join them in the alumni ranks. For more than 112 years, Riverside Military Academy has been a military boarding school for boys, and we have made it our business to be the best in boy’s education and to prepare our cadets for great success in life.
If you have questions about international admissions, please reach out to Ben Allen, Director of Admissions, 770-532-6251 ext. 2128. If you are able to tour the campus or attend an open house, we welcome you. However, if visiting campus is not an option for you then we would be happy to connect you with a current family with a similar background who can share their experience – and you can explore our incredible campus using this digital tour. We look forward to helping you through this process.

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Additional Information

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  • Academics

    Riverside Military Academy graduates earn, on average, between $5-7 million annually in merit-based college scholarships – with $7.5 million in scholarships for the Class of 2018 – 2019 – and boast an impressive 100% college acceptance rate. All students will receive support and guidance through the college admissions process. Riverside Military has an 8:1 student to teacher ratio. This means that small class sizes are available for all class options including general, honors, AP, and dual enrollment. Our teaching staff members are specially qualified to teach their subject matter, with at least 75% holding advanced degrees.

    A military school education comes with several unique advantages and opportunities. Riverside Military Academy cadets learn the value of duty, respect, and responsibility while developing leadership and communication skills. Riverside Military cadets graduate miles ahead of their peers in terms of character and preparedness for college. The world needs ethical young men, and our boarding school has been producing them for more than 112 years!

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  • Athletics

    Riverside Military Academy offers a wide variety of sports teams and competitive athletic programs. In order for international students to play at the varsity level, they must attend our 4-week Summer L.E.A.D. Academy. Our governing body for athletics, GHSA, requires international students to be enrolled for 2 consecutive semesters to be eligible for varsity sports. Although our summer program is only 4 weeks we have broken it into two 2-week semesters, which means your cadet can join a varsity team immediately upon enrolling in the Fall if he attends Summer L.E.AD. Academy.

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  • College and Culture Tour

    The College & Culture Tour is one of the most exciting programs Riverside Military Academy has to offer. The tour is designed to be a fun, informative, and memorable experience for all who participate. The College & Culture Tour takes place each summer for 2 weeks prior to the start of the Fall term and is highly encouraged (and sometimes required) for international students as an English immersion experience. The trip explores the historical highlights of the East Coast of the United States while visiting multiple colleges and universities along the way.

    Attractions we have visited in previous years include the Capital Building, the Smithsonian, Arlington National Cemetery, and Busch Gardens Amusement Park. College visits have included Virginia Military Institute, Clemson University, University of Virginia, and The Citadel. The cost of the trip is all-inclusive.
  • College Matriculation

    Riverside Military Academy graduates matriculate to a variety of colleges and universities, both in the US and abroad. 96% of our students attend 4-year universities, with the remainder either attending junior college, joining military service, our receiving a service academy appointment.
  • English Immersion

    Riverside Military Academy provides English language immersion throughout the student’s experience. We strive to pair an English speaking student with a non-English speaking student in the barracks (dorms) as roommates. Students will take all classes in English as well.

    If a student requires English as a Second Language (ESL), we provide various levels of courses that are included in tuition. He will be tested upon enrollment to determine English proficiency which determines which level of ESL he is placed in. We offer a summer bridge program as well that is a full English immersive experience. There is no additional cost associated with ESL.

    If interested in a university in the U.S., international students are typically required to take the TOEFL in addition to the SAT or ACT. We offer preparations for each of these tests to ensure the student is ready for these assessments.
  • Summer L.E.A.D. Academy

    Summer L.E.A.D. Academy is an academic program with high-adventure activities woven in. L.E.A.D. is a fast-paced, fun, and productive program. If your student would like to join Riverside Military Academy in the summer to get acclimated, get ahead in credits, catch up on credits, or experience our immersive ESL summer program, Summer L.E.A.D. Academy may be right for him. Furthermore, if he wants to play varsity level sports in the following school year then he must attend the Summer L.E.A.D. Academy.

    Riverside Military Academy offers a 4-week summer program that can be just English intensive or more academic in nature. We have also designed a 6-week program that extends the Summer L.E.A.D. Academy program by linking our summer and fall semesters so that international students do not have a break between semesters. Instead, they can attend an immersive cultural experience including a trip up the east coast to destinations such as New York, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C.

    Learn more about our Summer L.E.A.D. Academy.

International Students' Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I apply?

    Click here to apply and submit your application online. The application fee is $100.
  • What are the holidays and weekends like?

    Riverside Military Academy cadets can choose from a variety of on and off-campus weekend activities. On-campus activities include cook-outs, camping, kayaking, movies in the theatre, access to athletic facilities, and more. Off-campus activities include trips to restaurants, the Mall of Georgia, movie theaters, and professional sports games.

    Riverside Military Academy is conveniently located in the city of Gainesville, Georgia, and is a short drive from the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and downtown Atlanta.

    Learn more about life as a cadet at our boarding school for boys.
  • What are the admissions criteria?

    Riverside Military Academy will need transcripts, a conduct report (if applicable), and three recommendation letters. You can send requests for these documents to your student’s current school electronically by logging into our website. Riverside Military Academy does not require any admissions testing (TOEFL, SSAT, etc.). However, an interview may be required.
  • Does Riverside Military Academy offer ESL?

    Riverside Military Academy offers an extensive ESL program. Students are tested on their English proficiency upon enrollment and placed within one of the levels of the program according to the results of their test. English language support is offered for all coursework. There is no additional cost associated with ESL.
  • What do I need to know about the I-20/Visa Process?

    Once the student has been accepted, the family must submit an enrollment deposit of $2,500. Once the deposit is received, Riverside Military Academy will create the I-20 needed to apply for a visa and send via DHL.
  • Are there additional fees for international students?

    Tuition for international students includes room and board, a Chromebook laptop to be issued to the student upon enrollment, and international student insurance. There are no additional fees for international students.

  • Do international students need an I-20 to attend Summer L.E.A.D. Academy?

    No, international students can attend our 4-week Summer L.E.A.D. Academy with a tourist visa.

Requirements to Apply

  1. Online Application
  2. Recommendations
    • Math Teacher
    • English Teacher
    • Principal/Counselor
  3. Transcript of Grades
    • Applying for 7th-9th Grade: 2 years of grades required.
    • Applying for 10th-12th Grade: 3 years of grades required.
  4. Discipline Report
  5. Interview May be Required (personal, Skype, WeChat)
  • Once initial documents are received, you may be asked to submit more supporting documents.
  • TOEFL JR and SSAT are NOT required due to our extensive ESL program.