International Student Information

Welcome from the International Admissions Counselor

Welcome to Riverside’s international page, I am Meagan Payne. It is my job and my great pleasure to help international families enroll at RMA. My goal is to make the process as simple as possible and remove obstacles from achieving your dream of studying abroad whether you are new to the process or a transfer student. I focus on finding the proper enrollment timeframe for your family. Sometimes a summer enrollment may be appropriate to boost English proficiency or help the student acclimate to our campus before the full year begins. On the other hand, a fall or spring enrollment may be best for you. Whatever the next step should be, allow me to help you find it. 
Here at RMA we strive to celebrate and welcome diversity from all corners of the world. We have a corps that represents 30 different countries and 30 states from around the US. Our alumni represent a worldwide network of Brothers-In-Blue ready to connect with you while you attend RMA and once you join them in the alumni ranks. For more than 110 years, Riverside has been an all-boys military school and regardless of background, we have made it our business to know how boys learn and grow making us the best in boy’s education.
Please reach out to me to discuss your student specifically. I look forward to helping you through this process. If you are able to tour the campus or attend an open house, I welcome you. However, if visiting campus is not an option for you then I would be happy to connect you with a current family with a similar background who can share their experience.
Apply today! Your son’s future begins here.
Yours in Service,
Meagan Payne
International Admissions Counselor
770-532-2183 (O)
678-989-9081 (C)
WeChat ID: KD5127
WhatsApp:  678-989-9081

Additional Information

List of 2 items.

  • English Immersion

    RMA provides English immersion throughout the student’s experience. We strive to pair an English speaking student with a non-English speaking student in the barracks (dorms) as roommates. Students will take all classes in English as well.  If a student requires English as a Second Language (ESL), we provide various levels of courses that are included in tuition. He will be tested upon enrollment to determine English proficiency which determines which level of ESL he is placed in. We offer a summer bridge program as well that is a full English immersive experience (read more below).

    If interested in a US university, international students are typically required to take the TOEFL as well as the SAT or ACT. We offer preparations for each of these tests to ensure the student is prepared. 
  • Summer LEAD Academy

    Summer LEAD Academy is an academic program with high adventure activities woven in. LEAD is fast-paced, fun, and productive all rolled into one program. If your student would like to join RMA in the summer to get acclimated, get ahead in credits, catch up in credits, or experience our immersive ESL summer program then Summer LEAD Academy may be right for him. Furthermore, if he wants to play varsity level sports in the following school year then he needs to attend the Summer LEAD Academy.

    RMA offers a 4-week summer program that can be just English intensive or more academic in nature. Furthermore, we have designed a 6-week program that extends LEAD and links our summer and fall semesters so that international students do not have the awkward small break between semesters. Instead, they can attend an immersive cultural experience including a trip up the east coast to places like New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C, etc. 

Requirements to Apply

  1. Online Application
  2. Recommendations
    • Math Teacher
    • English Teacher
    • Principal/Counselor
  3. Transcript of Grades
    • Applying for 7th-9th Grade: 2 years of grades required.
    • Applying for 10th-12th Grade: 3 years of grades required.
  4. Discipline Report
  5. Interview May be Required (personal, Skype, WeChat)
  • Once initial documents are received, you may be asked to submit more supporting documents.
  • TOEFL JR and SSAT are NOT required due to our extensive ESL program.