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The Service Academy Preparatory Program

Is your son interested in applying to a U.S. Service Academy?

Riverside Military Academy can help. RMA has numerous alumni currently attending a U.S. Service Academy. RMA’s proven academic, leadership, and athletic programs have repeatedly prepared alumni for the challenging environment that awaits them upon admission to any of the service academies.

The admissions process to the five U.S. Service Academies - U.S. Military Academy (USMA), U.S. Naval Academy (USNA), U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA), U.S. Coast Guard Academy (USCGA), and U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) - is an extensive, challenging, and highly competitive process.

RMA has remained an Army JROTC Honor Unit with Distinction for over 80 years. This distinguished recognition inspires our cadets to pursue appointments to one or more of the service academies. Cadets are also encouraged to apply for ROTC scholarships, which involve a slightly less rigorous application process. RMA’s staff has extensive experience managing the 12-14 month application process for both the service academies and ROTC scholarships. We work with cadets and their families to navigate the required documentation to magnify each cadet’s strengths and accomplishments.

U.S. News & World Report, Princeton Review, and Forbes.com annually rank these service academies as some of the most selective colleges and universities in America. Graduates of USMA, USNA, USAF, and USCGA receive a Bachelor of Science degree and commission as an officer in their respective service branch. Upon graduation from USMMA, cadets receive a Bachelor of Science degree along with the opportunity to commission as an officer in any of the branches of service.

For students who would like to earn a prestigious education and travel the world, the service academies offer an outstanding military model of education. In most cases, tuition, books, laboratory fees, room and board, and medical and dental care are paid in full for four years. The competition to be accepted into these institutions is fierce. The average acceptance rate is 8% or less depending on the service academy applied to and the size of the entering class.

Please contact Senior Army Instructor LTC(R) David Lee at 770-532-6251, ext. 2127 or email at dlee@riversidemilitary.com. Learn how RMA can help your son achieve his dream!


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RMA Cadets at Service Academies

United States Military Academy -West Point

Sebastian Mims, ‘10
Andrew Olson, ‘11
John Collins, ‘11
Fernando Weiner, ‘11
Mac Sims, ‘13
John Nettles, ‘13
John Mark MacFarland, ‘14
Jacob Deem, ‘14
Tucker Pearson, ‘15
Watson Thomas, ‘16
Ivan Pearson, ‘17
Thomas Mims, ‘17
Garrett Dalley, ‘18
Shinkwang Moon, ‘19

United States Naval Academy

Alec Ruppenthal, ‘12
Wiley Burns, ‘17

United States Air Force Academy

Harrison Summerhour, ‘14
Johnathan Olson, ‘16
Charles Dinwaobi, ‘18
Ayaz Mustafa, ‘18

United States Merchant Marine Academy

Matthew Conboy, 15
Derek Ferguson, 17
Timothy Leurant, 18
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