Six Reasons Military School May Be Right For Your Teen

There are many reasons a parent or teen may choose a military boarding school instead of a traditional private school. Here are six reasons why!
As you consider the right options for your child's education, military boarding school is one option worth adding to the list. The structure and positive environment of military boarding school can change your child's perspective and build the strong character you want. Here are six specific reasons why this is an excellent option for your child.

1. Build Character while Getting an Education
Military boarding school is primarily about education, but that education takes place outside of the classroom as well. Teachers and administrators in these settings are looking to build strong character in their students. Because the students live on campus, staff has the time to delve into good character building in addition to the solid academics they offer. They teach skills like motivation, courage, self-confidence, and self-discipline that will follow the child long after they have forgotten some of the things they learned in the classroom.

2. Receive Education with Fewer Distractions
In military school, the learning environment is quite different from the environment provided in a traditional school setting. Students do not have the social and media distractions they would face in a traditional school. In military school, unbridled access to technology is removed. Students do not get to access social media whenever they wish because of the highly structured environment. This removes one of the biggest distractions and social pressures from their lives, allowing them to focus more wholly on their education and education-related activities.

3. Learn the Value of Teamwork
Military schools weave team-building experiences into the education program because working as a team is a critical part of military life. Students participate in a leadership system designed to train student leaders. They work as a unit and team to achieve goals both in and out of the classroom. They must work together to keep their living environments clean and organized. The ability to work together with others is a skill that will help them long past their time at school.

4. Benefit from Exceptional Academics
Because military boarding schools have such a focused academic environment with motivated parents and students, they are able to attract top educators. Teachers who are passionate about helping students learn are attracted to this type of learning environment. This means a high-quality education and plenty of academic support opportunities for our students.

5. Learn in a Structured Environment
Military boarding schools provide a highly structured environment. For many students, this aids in better learning. Students know what to expect and have a clear set of rules to follow, with carefully outlined consequences if they do not. Students are properly supervised as well, and they learn a proper respect for authority in this environment. With firm boundaries and daily routines, students thrive.

6. Build Lasting Friendships
Finally, military school provides students the chance to build friendships that last well beyond high school. The camaraderie that develops in this structured environment builds relationships that follow students into their adult lives. The same is true for the relationship between the student and his instructors. Often, those instructors become mentors that a student can tap as an adult when they need guidance and help.

There are so many benefits to military boarding schools. It is a choice that parents should consider as they seek the best possible education for their students. If you have a young man who is entering junior high or high school, consider Riverside Military Academy. RMA is a private school north of Atlanta in Gainesville, GA, that teaches young men in grades 7 through 12 who desire structure, focus, active learning, and freedom from distractions. As an all-boys school with a college preparatory focus, we provide a rigorous challenge for young men who are looking for college-level training. Schedule a tour of Riverside Military Academy today.