RMA's Eagle News Network Earns National Recognition

Zach Garrett
Riverside Military Academy’s cadet-produced Eagle News Network (ENN) earned national recognition in the recent Student Television Network’s (STN) national convention, competing against high school teams from across the nation.   

On February 16, RMA cadets who manage the Academy’s cadet-produced news show, traveled to Long Beach, California to compete in the convention. ENN submitted seven entries in the STN competition and earned an honorable mention with their broadcast morning show for STN's 8-hour competition and honorable mention in the sports highlights contest.

"ENN has always been more than just high school news for me. I've told the team from the beginning: It's about them learning how to work together to find creative solutions to complex problems, how to meet deadlines, how to take an idea through production to a final product, and how to always put their best foot forward," said Zach Garrett '11, RMA Instructor of Video Production.

ENN is RMA’s broadcast video production program that trains cadets using industry-standard equipment and journalism practices while earning academic credit in the fine arts. Cadets must apply and interview before being selected to be on the cadet-run ENN team. Begun in the spring of 2018, ENN produces one episode every two weeks. Over 50 episodes and special features have aired on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, with over 150,000 collective views.

STN is a non-profit international association of high school and middle school broadcast journalism, film, and multimedia programs. RMA’s ENN team has been affiliated since June 2019, and this marked their first time attending the annual convention in person. STN runs frequent regional and national contests ranging from challenges to broadcast and film excellence opportunities.