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Eagle News Network - Produced By Cadets

The Video Production program, led by RMA Alumnus Zach Garrett '11, introduces cadets to the fundamentals of storyboarding, filming, editing and producing multimedia projects. Upon successful understanding of these key concepts, cadets are immediately immersed in Riverside's cadet-produced news show, Eagle News Network (ENN).

Led by the cadets in the second and third-year production classes, ENN is an "all hands on deck" project produced weekly. Cadets become cameramen, editors, anchors, correspondents and more to support the broadcast. Cadets enjoy the fast-paced and exciting nature of these classes.


"Our son has been in the video production program for the past two years and he truly enjoys it. Not only has the class been fun, but it has been a great learning experience. Video production means so much to him that he used it as criteria for selecting his college while being recruited for athletics."
-Robin & Mario DePaoli, Parents of Nicolo DePaoli, '18

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  • MS: Intro to Video Production

    This middle school course introduces cadets to shooting and editing their own production projects. Students will be trained on entry-level camcorders and editing on Final Cut Pro X, Apple's professional video editing software. Story construction, equipment setup, camera operation and framing and more will be covered in this course. Students will prepare one segment that will be aired on the Eagle News Network, Riverside's student-produced news show produced weekly. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be granted entry into the Audio-Video Technology & Film 1 course.
  • Audio-Video Technology & Film I

    This course introduces the fundamentals of video production and technology including filming, camera operation, lighting, sound, social media, live streaming and more. Our Multimedia Production Studio, complete with Apple Macs, production equipment, and more serves as the practical platform for this course. The primary software used will be Apple’s professional production suite, which includes Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Logic Pro X and MainStage. Students will practice editing, problem-solving, and producing their own video packages demonstrating concepts learned. Throughout the year, the students will help produce the weekly news show, The Eagle News Network, which reaches thousands of viewers each episode. Project management, storyboarding, and time management concepts will also be covered. Furthermore, the students will have the opportunity to live-stream events on campus to various online mediums, such as athletic events and the Norman P. Blake Family Distinguished Speaker Series.
    Prerequisite: CS11A - Information Technology Applications
  • Audio-Video Technology & Film II

    This class builds upon the fundamentals taught in the introductory AVTF course. Students become part of the senior staff of the RMA Video Production Team and will lead various Academy projects throughout the year. Advanced troubleshooting techniques, project management and supervision, and critical decision making are among the concepts exercised in this course. This class will also take charge of production for the weekly news show, The Eagle News Network. Students will participate in a year-long practicum experience, and will “hire” cadets from the first year AVTF classes to various production staff roles, to fulfill the weekly deadlines. Students will also begin to develop their digital portfolios, or reel, to compete for college programs and production roles after graduation.
    Prerequisite: CS51 - Audio-Video Technology & Film I
  • Audio-Video Technology & Film III

    This advanced production course will exercise students' abilities to produce projects that cater to their interests. In addition to overseeing the production of the Eagle News Network, various Academy projects and athletic streaming, students in this course will work on building their digital portfolios, or reels, to be competitive for entry to college programs and various professional production roles upon graduation from Riverside. Topics like resume building, skills for creating dynamic presentations, interviewing for jobs in the industry and more are also covered. At the completion of this course, students are well-equipped for the production roles they will enter in college and industry.
    Prerequisite: CS52 - Audio-Video Technology & Film II