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5 Benefits of Attending an All Boys School

Studies show that all-boys schools offer a welcoming and stimulating educational environment compared to coed schools. Here are five advantages to choosing an all-boys school.
Parents who are considering an all-boys school for their son may wonder if their boy will miss out on traditional school benefits by attending an all-boys program. While there are definite differences between co-ed schooling and an all-boys environment, many of the differences end up being benefits to the boys who attend a single-gender school. Here are five of the best reasons to consider sending your son to an all-boys high school.

Five Key Reasons You Should Send Your Son to an All-Boys High School

Education Tailored to the Needs of Boys

Boys and girls learn in very different manners. In a co-ed high school, education often favors the learning style common with girls. This can leave boys struggling to retain information simply because of their learning styles not matching the teaching style.

By attending an all-boys high school, a boy gets an education that is a better fit for his needs. Teachers learn to adjust the classroom setting and instructional techniques to meet the specific needs of the boys in their rooms.

Freedom to Be Himself

When the pressure to impress girls is removed, boys find themselves free to be themselves. With less pressure to fit into a specific mold, boys are free to develop into well-rounded adults with many different areas of interest and talent. When they feel free to pursue things that spark their interests, they can develop those interests into skills that can fuel their future success.

Ability to Try New Things

In an all-boys school, all roles have to be filled with boys. The actors in the school play, the flutist in the band, and the best artist in the visual arts program all have to be boys. Teachers encourage and provide opportunities for boys to try things that they might not have tried in a co-ed school because girls would have been there to fulfill the roles. Boys expected to try new things. This can lead to finding new hobbies and interests that otherwise would have been overlooked in a co-ed environment.

Friendly Competition to Build Brotherhood

Boys are competitive in nature, and an all-boys high school can use that competitive nature to push their students to achieve their personal best. Friendly competition through small groups, athletic competitions, and other academic pursuits helps push boys to reach for their goals. Friendly competition also creates a sense of camaraderie in the classroom. This, in turn, helps build lasting relationships that follow students past high school and into their adult years.

Are these benefits you want for your son? By choosing an all-boys high school, like Riverside Military Academy, you can give your son these excellent benefits. To learn more about Riverside Military Academy, give us a call at 1-877-692-2338 or request more information by filling out our online form.