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What You Need to Know About Military Boarding School

A military boarding school provides students with character development and leadership education. Here's an in-depth look at what you need to know.
What do President Donald Trump, race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Oscar-winning movie director Francis Ford Coppola have in common? All three attended private military boarding schools during their youth. And even though all three men have led very different lives, they’ve all been extremely successful in achieving their goals and their wildest dreams.

In recent years, military schools for boys have emerged as a popular option for parents who want the best education for their children, coupled with a supportive and nurturing atmosphere. But despite that surge in interest, military school is still a mystery to many, and there are plenty of moms and dads who wonder what happens at military school and whether it would be the right choice for their son. Here’s what you need to know.

What is a Military Boarding School for Boys?

The words “military boarding school” might conjure up images of harsh reform schools crammed with troublesome, delinquent kids. But in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Military boarding schools like Riverside Military Academy are founded on strong academics and a commitment to excellence that pervades all aspects of a young student’s life. Students in military schools learn to value and respect authority and to demand the very best of themselves – not just in academia, but in athletics, service opportunities, and the community at large.

The lessons learned at a military boarding school extend far beyond the classroom. By incorporating military principles like the values of discipline and self-respect, students prepare themselves to be strong leaders and engaged members of their communities. The international student body at Riverside Military Academy fosters a deep understanding of cultural and ideological differences, preparing graduates to compete and succeed not only at college, but in the global workplace as well.

The Benefits of a Military Boarding School for Boys

Military boarding school offers a host of benefits for students in middle school and high school, starting with academics. Students are expected to strive for excellence in their classes, giving them a competitive advantage when it’s time to apply for college. The rigorous curriculum and high standards also help students perform better during their university years, when the demands and expectations are typically higher.

Students also devote many hours to service projects, learning the rewards of helping others while building their own character and a deep sense of responsibility. Through service on campus and off, students naturally learn and develop leadership skills and learn how to work both independently and as part of a team.

Respect and character-building are integral parts of the military boarding school experience, where dedicated and experienced faculty serve as role models for problem-solving and navigating life’s challenges. Students learn core values like self-discipline, honor and integrity, with real-life applications that bring these values to life.

And finally, military schools offer a structured, organized environment that’s low on distractions so students are free to learn and grow. With more emphasis on academics and related activities, graduates gain the skills and knowledge they need to get ahead in college and in the workplace. In fact, according to a poll from The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS), 90% of boarding school grads say they felt “very well-prepared” for the academic challenges of colleges, compared with less than 40% of public school grads. About 80% said they were very well-prepared for non-academic aspects of college, compared with only 23% of public school graduates. With statistics like that, the value of the boarding school environment can’t be overstated.

Is Military School Right for Your Child?

A military school for boys offers several advantages for students who can benefit from a more structured environment, as well as young men who seek deep camaraderie and an opportunity to explore their own unique strengths. Although it’s easy to think of a military school as being more “rigid” than a public school, the supportive environment actually helps students set their own boundaries and expectations, enabling them to become more self-reliant and more self-disciplined while developing a deeper sense of self-esteem.

While military schools offer a more structured environment, they’re not intended to replace therapeutic boarding schools that cater to students with significant behavioral or learning challenges. Rather, they provide the tools and skills for students who have the commitment and desire to set high standards and achieve their life goals.

Ready to learn more?

For more than a century, Riverside Military Academy has been offering young men in 7th through 12th grade the educational experience they need to succeed. The 200-acre campus is home to more than 500 cadets from across the country and around the world, and the academy is well-respected for its comprehensive academic curriculum, sports and extracurricular activities, as well as its commitment to building character and honor among its students. To learn more about Riverside Military Academy and the opportunities it can offer your son, request an information packet today or call the academy at 877-692-2338 and arrange a campus tour.