• Fencing

    2018 - 2019
    Head Coach: Andrew Pedry

    The fencing team provide RMA cadets with an additional offering for physical education with the aim of imparting a martial spirit rooted in fair play which is becoming of a Riverside gentleman. Fencing straddles the barrier between gentlemanly elegance and masculine vigor in a way that Teddy Roosevelt himself appreciated. Our aim is to combine the confidence-boosting athletic experience common to competitive sport with the physical and social poise inherent in swordsmanship in order to bolster the cadets’ poise in the presence of society, male competition, and feminine virtue. Fencing demands speed, precision, endurance, balance, poise, timing and strategic thinking. The competitive fencing team is a full-time fall sport and a two-day a week club during the winter and spring seasons. Any cadet who demonstrates maturity and interest may practice with the club, competition is open to similarly qualified cadets in 9th-12th grades.

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