• Golf

    2018 - 2019
    Head Coach: Kirk Swanson

    The Riverside Military Academy Golf Team's home course is Chattahoochee Golf Club in Gainesville, GA.

        This year’s golf season is going to be a blast. We have changed things up a bit to expand Riverside's Golf program. In prior seasons, our golfers have played golf matches, which are only nine hole events. We will now play several tournaments, which will be 18 hole or more events, with a larger field to compete against. This allows the boys to truly see what it is like to play competition golf while having a lot more fun! I have an amazing group of boys representing RMA, not only competitively, but also by being upstanding young men. I couldn’t imagine spending my time with any other group of boys. You will see great things from these cadets on and off the golf course.
        Coach Ben Allen

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