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Parent Volunteers

Riverside parental involvement is welcome and encouraged!

Welcome to the RMA family!
Riverside parental involvement is welcome and encouraged! Our Parent Association offers so many ways to volunteer whether you have a few hours per week or a few hours per semester – we have a place for you to join.   The following areas are just some of the opportunities we offer:
Cadet Activities – Breakfast in the Barracks, Movie Nights, Grill Nights, Exam Bags, etc…
Parent Socials – Football Tailgates, Local and Regional Mixers
Special Events – Homecoming, Military Ball, Christmas Décor, TAC & Teacher Appreciation, etc..
Parent Connectors – Welcome new RMA parents via phone and email

Senior Parent Committee - Help plan and execute senior activities throughout the year
We look forward to getting to know you and your cadet this year. Please feel free to reach out to our office at any time!
For the families,
Pam Baker

Current Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Riverside Association of Parents - Committees


The purpose of the RMA Parent Association is to promote parental involvement in the school by supporting the RMA mission, leadership, programs and activities for the well-being of the cadets.  The RMA Parents Association strives to promote a strong sense of community by recognizing that its economic, cultural and ethnic diversity enrich this sense of community through the variety of talents, resources and backgrounds each family brings to the school.


All parents and guardians of cadets enrolled at RMA and parents of alumnae who express continued interest in the school are automatically members of the PA. There are no membership fees.


Leadership positions are appointed to serve a one year renewable term and will be expected to meet as a group on a monthly basis. Individual chairs and their committees will meet on a quarterly basis as a minimum and more as needed. All leadership positions require a minimum of one full academic year of attendance at RMA. Although only one leadership role can be held at a time, you may serve on multiple committees at a time.

Parent Engagement Committee – organize and oversee regional parent socials, tailgates and other fun activities that will promote fellowship among RMA families.

Cadet Activities Committee – partner with Parent Relations and Cadet Activities to coordinate various campus activities that enhance cadet life such as Breakfast in the Barracks, Grill Nights, Movie Nights and volunteer opportunities.

Marketing and PR Committee – partner with Parent Relations to oversee parent social media platforms such as Facebook; promote positive online reviews; assist Public Relations with photographing campus events and athletics; merchandising and RMA communications.

Special Events Committee – partner with Parent Relations to organize/oversee special campus events such as Homecoming, Parents Weekend, Staff Appreciation and Holiday Decorating.

Parent Ambassador Committee – partner with Parent Relations and the Admissions team for campus tours, open house and ROC events; welcome new families as they transition to RMA; expand regional parent ambassador pool.

Alumni Parent Committee – partner with Parent Relations to effectively engage parents of alumni cadets who wish to remain active members of the RMA community including participation in regional RMA events.

International Family Committee– help ensure that International cadets and their families are effectively communicated with and culturally represented throughout the year.

Middle School Parent Committee – help ensure that Middle School cadets and their families are effectively communicated with and represented throughout the year.

Day Cadet Committee – help ensure that day cadets and their families are effectively communicated with and represented throughout the year.

Policy, Procedures and Operations Committee – work with senior staff to ensure that policies and procedures are effective, clear and easy to access to include handbooks, website, LOI’s and enrollment.

Philanthropy Committee – partner with Advancement on fundraising and special donor events.

Parent Association Leadership

List of 15 items.

  • Alumni Parent Chair

    Anita Vannice
  • Day Cadet Chair

    Tonya Sanders
  • Middle School Chair

    Nicole Baker
  • Parent Engagement Chair

  • Philanthropy Chair

    Kelly Legaspi
  • Policy, Procedures & Operations Chair

    Vanessa Allen
  • Cadet Activities Chair

    Ann Fitzgerald & Jennifer Galloway
  • Marketing and PR Chair

    Jenny Goddard
  • Special Events Chair

  • Parent Ambassador Chair

    Tomika Hamilton
  • Middle School Parent Liaison

  • 9th Grade Parent Liaison

    Natalee La Douceur
  • 10th Grade Parent Liaisons

    Michel Hudson & Ann Fitzgerald
  • 11th Grade Parent Liaisons

    Vanessa Allen & Maria Jones
  • 12th Grade Parent Liaisons

    Ashlyn Winfree & Marilyn Mallas
Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 reads:
No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.

Riverside Military Academy complies with Title IX.

Alcohol/Tobacco/Drug-Free School
Strictly Enforced