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  • Veteran's Day Parade Parking Pass
    Please mark your calendars and prepare to support the Corps of Cadets as they march in the 37th Annual Atlanta Veterans Day Parade. 10 November 2018 starting at 11:11am.  The official theme of this year’s parade is The Battles Between The Wars 1975-2000. Please visit for official information.  From the Georgia Veteran’s Day website, “This generation of our military rebuilt our armed forces after the Vietnam War and trained the forces that answered our Nation’s call on September 11, 2001.  They defended Freedom on the Korean DMZ, the Fulda Gap, and in Beirut, Bosnia, and Kosovo.  They projected strength in operations like Grenada, Panama, Somalia, Desert Shield and Desert Storm.  We look forward to showing the Veterans of this period that their service made a difference and our Nation is forever grateful”

    Please print the enclosed parking pass for your convenience
  • Who Do I Call?
  • T.R.E.E. Program & Referral Form
  • Senior Ring Ordering Info
    Please know that RMA does not order the rings.  You will have to follow the instructions on the letter.  We do have most of the sizes of all Seniors so if you call Mrs. Park she will have your son's ring size.  If she doesn't, she will reach out to Mrs. Pierce and she will get the size for Mrs. Park.
    Thank you.
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