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Riverside Military Academy

Chamber Announces 2023 Class of Youth Leadership Hall

Andi Tippens
The Greater Hall Chamber announces the 18th class of Youth Leadership Hall (YLH) with 78 students representing all 12 public and private high schools in Gainesville-Hall County.  Initiated in 2005, the program now has 1,100 student graduates. A program for high school juniors and seniors, YLH seeks to provide an investment in the community’s future leadership by fostering interest in the community and inspiring students to become the leaders of tomorrow.               
The program begins with a kick-off program at the Gainesville Civic Center in August 2022 with educators, principals, superintendents, volunteers and parents.  Students will participate in monthly programs on topics on the judicial system, healthcare, leadership development, servant leadership, state government, quality of life, and economic development. 
Congratulations to the 2023 Class from Riverside Military Academy:

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