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Scout Company (Middle School) Wins Annual President's Inspection

Natalae La Douceur
Room inspections are both a daily and weekly occurrence at Riverside Military Academy, but each year, cadets undergo a more formal and detailed inspection by the President of the Academy. This event is called the President’s Inspection.  Exact shirt and sock placements, perfect hospital sheet corners, and spotless floors are only a few of the expectations for an excellent inspection. If one item is out of place -- even a button on a uniform -- then the dreaded word is heard – “gig.”  One gig equals one failed standard. 
This year’s President's inspection occurred March 11-12, where RMA President COL(R) Staś Preczweski, SgtMaj Jorge Sosa, and LTC Adam Carter brought their keen eyes to inspect every square inch of each cadet's room and common areas.  

Three days later at Mess I (breakfast), cadets were overjoyed at the announcement. For the first time, Scout Company, RMA’s middle school cadets, won President’s Inspection with a total of only 139 gigs. Delta Company placed second with 159 gigs, and Charlie Company placed third with 198 gigs.
“There was a lot of learning and improvement through the year. It took the whole team to make this happen.  Not one leader or one individual, but the whole team,” said senior and Scout Company leader Christian Jones.

Although winning is a major motivator for cadets, additional incentives include: three citations, ten merits, two sleep-ins with optional breakfast in bed, a pizza party, and a guidon streamer – all for first place. Second place incentives include two citations, five merits, and one sleep-in with optional breakfast in bed. Third place company receives one citation and three merits.     

Scout Company leader Alex Pombo weighed in: “Every night, we gave speeches to the company, and each one of those speeches raised the morale and productivity around the company in preparation for the inspection. On my birthday, March 8, I asked the company for one present, to win the inspection. I could not be prouder of the entire team of cadets, leaders, and TACs.”

President's Inspection is a rite of passage for RMA cadets, as completing this competition reflects a considerable amount of what a cadet learns during the year. Congratulations to all our RMA cadets for persisting through President's Inspection.  

Photos available on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/riversidemilitary
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