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5 Reasons to Choose a Military School Education

There are many reasons a parent or teen may choose a primary military school instead of a traditional private school. Here are five reasons why.
When it comes to education, a parent thinks about the ways their child can get the best of it. With aggressive marketing and limited neighborhood schooling options, how can parents ensure their children’s future is bright enough for a college? High school years can make or break any student’s academic career.

Nowadays, even private education is not producing the yield it once promised. As for the public schools, they are barely giving five hours to their students. With such a low number of hours invested in a student, the learning curve will always be negative. But it does not have to be just a private school or a public school. Have you ever thought about sending your child to a military boarding school?

Boarding schools produce vibrant individuals who are not only independent and adaptable to any situation; their academic excellence is always top-notch, because of their environment. Let us discuss five reasons to send your son, grandson, sibling to a military school.

More Hours

Compared to normal schooling, military boarding education has more hours for its students. Our students get at least nine hours per day of pure academics, customized in a manner to not tire out the student. With more hours to study than extracurricular within the same slot, students at military boarding schools are more inclined towards studies and develop an insatiable appetite for learning.

Extra-Extracurricular Time

Yes, our extracurricular activities are in separate hours from the nine hours of study. This makes the student productive in both academics and athletics. With many options in the extracurricular activities menu, students are always encouraged to balance their studies with a healthy life. From the weight training options to a quick run, the 200-acre land is equipped with all the sports grounds, workout locations, and many more facilities.

Advanced Degrees Potential

Many high schools and private education centers do not provide a major chunk of advanced degree students to colleges, but military education does it the most. Because of the confidence our students develop over time, they are exemplary at college levels as well. This firm base helps them aim for higher degrees than other high school or private school students.

Discipline, Diversity, and Dialogue

If there is one thing students need in life; it’s discipline. Self-control goes a long way into making any individual a respectable citizen of the society and a leader in any industry. With such a diverse population of students from all over the world, students learn cultural empathy. Students learn about global differences and see the big picture. Last, with confidence-building drills and competitions, students can be well-versed and can talk with confidence with no hesitation.

Final Thoughts

Interested in knowing more details about how a military boarding school can make a huge difference in the personal and professional development of your child? Located just outside Atlanta, Georgia, Riverside Military Academy has been serving young men like yours, shaping them into influential leaders of tomorrow. With over 112 years of exemplary service and copious expertise in academic excellence, Riverside Military can make your child’s future bright and promising. To learn more about Riverside Military Academy, visit our website to request more information or schedule an in-person campus tour.