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How to Choose the Right Private School in Atlanta

Are you ready to go back to school? Here's how to choose right right private school in Atlanta.
Back to school for the fall of 2021 looks different than any other year in the past. With public schools struggling to make plans for their learners to return, many parents who want the best academic environment for their students are opting for private schools instead. If you're considering private school this year, here is a guide that will help you find one.

Start with Your Goals

Before you start researching schools, decide what your goals are. Do you want a strong academic focus? Are extracurriculars important to you? Is your goal to help your child through one-on-one attention in smaller classes? Do you need remedial education or a rigorous college-prep program? Having your goals clearly outlined will help you weed through your options to find a school that fits.

Discuss Boarding or Non-Boarding Options

Private schools can be similar to public schools in that your child comes home every night, or they can be similar to college in that your child lives on campus. Both options have merit, but you will need to decide what is more appropriate for your family.

Before you make the decision, consider the perks of a residential school setting. When they live at school, students have more time to focus on their extracurricular pursuits without sacrificing their education. They are also surrounded by fellow scholars, which can make learning more natural. Students will often work together on assignments in the dorm.

Boarding school also provides an opportunity to build lasting friendships. Relationships are forged more deeply with time, and boarding school gives your child that time.

Research Online

Once you know your goals, start your research online. Atlanta has a myriad of private school options, and calling or visiting each one is simply not possible. You need to narrow down your options, and an online search can do this.

Each school is going to present its best image on its website, but this is where you can get the information you need to decide if a school fits your goals. If a school does not have the focus you desire or the programs your child needs, then you don't even need to contact them. Narrowing down your options with a quick online search will save you a significant amount of time and energy.

Look at Academics

Academics should be the primary purpose of a school, so this is the first place to look. Some factors that indicate a school with a solid academic record include:
  • A robust list of classes
  • Many graduates accepted into top colleges and universities
  • Strong test scores on standardized tests, ACT, and SAT exams
  • Many students offered merit-based scholarships

Remember, any school can structure its academics and grading scale so all students pass or get high marks, but it is the results on tests and in college that show what schools stand out.

Explore Extracurricular Activities

Part of what makes a school experience so rewarding are the activities that happen outside of the classroom. Band, drama, science clubs, athletics, and similar extracurricular activities are often where students make friends and discover their passions. As you research schools, see if they have a large variety of extracurricular activities. Look for schools that have more than one type, so your child can explore a variety of activities during their time there.

Request More Information

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