5 Common Myths About Military Schools

There are a number of misconceptions about what military schools are all about, how they operate, and what kind of students they take. Here are the five most common myths about military boarding schools.
Military boarding schools have an interesting history and reputation in the country. Those who are unfamiliar with the boarding school environment may picture strict military-style training with endless marching and boot-camp style instructors. This and other myths have popped up over the years in regard to what military school for boys is and what these schools do. Riverside Military Academy wants our families to understand the truth behind these myths, so they can make the right choice for their sons' education.

Myth #1 – Military schools ONLY focus on cadet classes, field marching, and relentless boot camp training

While cadet classes and similar activities are part of a military school, they are not the only part. At Riverside Military Academy, our military cadet school strives to teach personal values of honor, patriotism, and selflessness, and that focus is built into everything we do. Our students have the opportunity to take part in rigorous academics as well as engaging extracurricular activities to develop a well-rounded character.

Myth #2 – Opportunities for extra-curricular activities at military boarding schools are few and far between

Developing well-rounded individuals requires many different types of activity. At Riverside Military Academy, we strive to provide our students with several clubs and organizations to help them develop all of their interests, including those outside the training field and classroom. Whether a student wants to take up an instrument in the band, is interested in pursuing aviation training, wants to join a robotics team, or likes participating in theater, the numerous boarding school activities available at Riverside Military Academy make it possible to pursue those interests. And, because of the boarding school environment, our students have more time to pursue those interests than students in traditional schools.

Myth #3 – All military boarding schools are meant for troubled teens

Riverside Military Academy is not designed for troubled teenagers. It is designed to build tomorrow's leaders. Our Leadership Development Program looks for ethical young men who are looking for a college preparatory boys school to help them focus their training and character, so they can graduate ready to embrace leadership roles.

Myth #4 – Military schools lack diversity

The student body of Riverside Military Academy is made up of young men from many different races, cultures, and religious backgrounds. Cadets learn to respect the culture and religious beliefs of their fellow students in a diverse environment.

Myth #5 – Military schools cannot support different types of learners

The learners at Riverside Military Academy are diverse in many ways, and learning styles is one of those ways. Because we have an 8:1 student-to-teacher ratio, our students can get individualized learning experiences that cater to their individual learning styles. Even those with special education needs get the individualized attention they need from highly qualified, dedicated teachers.

Riverside Military Academy provides rigorous academics and solid character training. Our goal is to graduate young men who will be an asset to their communities and well-prepared for college. If you are looking for character growth, strong academics, and a cadet-style military training program, consider Riverside Military Academy.

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