Cadets Receive Immersed Experience in England

Kristen Thompson
RMA Cadets Participate in Summer Cadet Exchange Fellowship in England.
GAINESVILLE, GA -- Four Riverside Military Cadets touched down in England to participate in a Summer Cadet Exchange Fellowship (SCEF) with the Royal Hospital School on Saturday, June 1st. SCEF is designed to provide high-performing cadets with an immersed experience that fosters international understanding, goodwill, and friendship with like-minded young people. This is an effect that is not only immediate, but also a long lasting one, as it builds rapport between young people and the two participating schools.

Cadet Grant Cancel of Cumming, Georgia, Cadet William Greer of Alpharetta, Georgia, Cadet Will Farris of Atlanta, Georgia, and Cadet Chad Andrews of Johns Creek, Georgia are receiving an unparalleled and immersed experience in one of the oldest and best military boarding schools in the world, located within an hour of London, on the east coast of England.

Among many notable events, Riverside Military Academy Cadets will participate in academics, large-scale field training exercises, sailing, cultural trips, marksmanship training, survival skills development, and military parades.

The cadets commemorated the 75th anniversary of D-Day while in Europe, an experience quite different from what they would experience anywhere else in the world. Cadets Cancel, Greer, Farris, and Andrews had the opportunity to meet a WWII veteran and the British Army’s very own 16 Air Assault Brigade, while watching all 21 military aircrafts take off at once, a sight that had not been seen since D-Day.

More recently, the cadets were brought to the Royal Navy’s Damage Repair Instructional Unit, also known as SSS: Sinking Ship Simulator, in Portsmouth, England for a training exercise. They learned how to correctly plug a sinking ship’s holes, while under the pressure of large quantities of water rushing in. The Royal Navy also invited the cadets to train at their very own Fire Fighting School. While here, the cadets were shown how the Royal Navy trains its crews to fight fire at sea.

Photo courtesy of Royal Hospital School.