Riverside Military Academy Raiders Bring Home 5th National Championship Title

Cassidy Mattox
Riverside Military Academy is excited to announce that their Raiders team has secured their 5th National Championship title in a row.
The 3 day National Raider Meet consisted of over one hundred schools and took place at the Gerald Lawhorn Scouting Base in Molena, Georgia on Friday, November 3 through Sunday, November 5. On Friday, the Riverside Military Academy Raiders B-Team placed first overall in the 2018 All-Service Raider Challenge Championship. The following day, the Riverside Military Academy Raiders A-Team took home first place, overall. Individually, their scores are as follows:

National Raider Championship
5K Run
Physical Team Test
Rope Bridge
Cross Country Rescue

All-Service Raider Challenge Championships
5K Run
Physical Team Test
Rope Bridge

The Physical Team Test is used to test the strength, stamina, strategy, and endurance of the participating cadets. The .35 mile course requires 10 cadets to complete:
  1. A 50-yard water can carry (15 cans) and 60lb. ammo can carry.
  2. A 42” team vault.
  3. A speed agility maze (a tight zig-zag maze)
  4. A 6ft 30’ inside diameter tunnel crawl.
  5. Navigate eight large tires placed in a staggering pattern.
  6. Team carry a 250lb. 30’ flat bottom canoe.
  7. Repeat.
The Gauntlet is a one mile event in which eight cadets carry a 35lb. rucksack and negotiate multiple obstacles as a team. Obstacles include 8’ wall climbs and a tunnel/tube obstacle.
Similar to the Gauntlet, the Cross Country Rescue requires a team of cadets equipped with 35lb. rucks to tackle an 8’ wall, pick up additional weight (a 95lb. liter, in efforts to simulate a casualty) and low crawl into mud and water for 30’,  run through the woods, and then hit a 60’ low crawl before crossing the finish line.
The Rope Bridge consists of a team member sprinting through a creek for 95’ and tying one end of the rope over water for the remainder of the team to bridge over.
This is the only Raider Team at Riverside Military Academy that has won every meet, State Championship, All American and Nationals Championship.