Spring Furlough

Cadets will be authorized to leave after the Spring Parents' Day Parade on April 3rd.
Uniform and appearance upon
return:  Cadets are required to return to campus in Class C uniform, clean shaven, and with a regulation haircut. When taking your cadet for a haircut, please tell the barber, “Length no longer than two inches on top, sides tapered off the ears, and tapered/faded off the neck/ear line, NOT BLOCKED.” Many are familiar with the military “High and Tight” that typically meets grooming standards.
Arrival to campus / Transportation guidance: Cadets are required to return to campus no earlier than 1200hrs and no later than 1800hrs on Sunday 13 April 2020.  TAC Officers will be on campus to receive at 1200. Riverside Military Academy will run shuttles ONLY on the last day of spring furlough, 13th of April 2019.  Academy shuttles will run from 1000hrs in the morning until 1700hrs that evening.  To secure a seat for your cadet you must submit an itinerary prior to return to transportation@riversidemilitary.com. The last shuttle of the day will depart the Atlanta airport at 1700hrs on the 7th.  Please make sure you allow enough time from landing to make the shuttle.  For Domestic flights it takes approximately 30 minutes from the time the flight makes the gate until the cadet makes it to the clock tower. For International flights you should plan for a minimum of 1 ½ hrs to clear customs and make it to the clock tower.  Any flight arrival, scheduled or delayed, after the 1700 shuttle time (1630 for domestic and 1530 for International flights) will require transportation to the academy via outside transportation.  Coordination of this is at the sole discretion of the parent/guardian.    We will not run the weekend return shuttle from GPM or Mansell Road locations.
Reminder, space is very limited on the shuttles. Cadets should travel with minimal baggage (bare necessities) during furloughs. Excessive baggage may be turned away due to space limitations. Again, to secure a space on the shuttles parents are required to send their cadet’s itinerary to the transportation office at transportation@riversidemilitary.com.  MAJ Kevin Guier is the Point of Contact and will respond to you promptly after receiving the itinerary.  Unaccompanied Minors: Parents of unaccompanied minors will need to indicate their plans as far in advance as possible. MAJ Guier will forward the escort information as quickly as possible so that you can pass on to the airline.  Please communicate via the noted email to MAJ Guier regarding any changes as soon as known.