Family & Friends Lunch

Alumni Hall - Dining Hall - AHDining
You are welcome to bring lunch for your cadet and friends any day of the week. We have selected several Fridays for you to join your son for a meal provided by Aramark at Mess II for Family and Friend Lunch before an open weekend or furlough.

Be sure to arrive in time to observe Pass in Review at 12:15 pm, which is held immediately before Mess II at 12:25 pm. Suppose you are planning to sign your cadet out that afternoon. In that case, you are welcome to gather with other parents at the Welcome Center in the West Portal until the completion of academic classes. 

The Welcome Center offers internet access, an electronic station, a television, a restroom, comfortable seating, and refreshments. Another option is to schedule a meeting with a Riverside faculty or staff member – 24 hours in advance.
An ORAH pass titled Family & Friends Mess II will be made available in ORAH on the Monday before the scheduled Family & Friend Mess II date. A Parent or Guardian must accompany minors. Meal vouchers are available at the Cadet Store for $3.50 each or $25 for eight vouchers.
We look forward to seeing you on campus!