Veteran's Day Parade

We wanted to provide some information on the upcoming Veterans Day parade that RMA will be supporting. The parade is on 12 NOV from 11:00am to approximately 12:30pm. The marching route will be around Truist Park along Battery Ave SE. The reviewing stand will be located at the intersection of Battery Ave SE and Power Aly.  There will be approximately thirty chairs at that location for RMA parents to sit and watch the parade, or you can view the parade along the marching route.  We ask that you do not try to meet your son until after the parade at our sign-out location, which will be in the Cumberland Mall parking lot in front of the Planet Fitness. All cadets will be consolidated at this location for sign out on pass if they are going on pass. 

We ask that all ORAH passes be requested prior to the 12th to facilitate signing out of your son on that day.  If you have not requested a pass in ORAH prior to being in the parking lot, you will be subject to delays because an ORAH pass will need to be created before your son can be signed out.
Looking forward to seeing all parents who are able to attend this event.