Drill Camp

This is a 4-day emersion into all things drill including classes and practical instruction on; inspection procedures, armed and unarmed regulation, color guard, and armed exhibition.
This will also include physical fitness, and team building activities.  Throughout the camp leadership skills and command presence is stressed, along with other tangible and intangible lessons that will help you become a better driller, teacher, and a better leader. 9th-12th grade cadets are eligible to enroll. 
Some additional items to expect from this camp will be the following:
  • Defining a manual of arms for Exhibition 
  • How to maximize the scores on the scoresheet
  • Formations for an exhibition routine that will be teachable for future seasons
  • Exhibition moves that are sustainable and teachable for future seasons
Registration is July 26, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Please contact SFC Mark Phillips ( or Admissions ( with any questions or concerns.

Cost: $720.00
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