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Weekend Activites

The majority of our cadets remain on campus most weekends. The cadets have a more relaxed schedule on the weekend if they are in good academic and conduct standing. To meet their needs, we offer a wide range of activities and opportunities both on and off campus each weekend for them to enjoy. We open most of the athletic facilities on campus for the cadets to use. We have highly competitive and fun intramural events, and we open the Campus Grill where cadets can play games, watch TV, and enjoy teenage fare like pizzas. Our location is conveniently positioned in the great city of Gainesville and within a short drive of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and downtown Atlanta. This location offers many opportunities for off-campus fun. Below are some of the upcoming events that the cadets are able to participate in. 

Weekend Events

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  • Oct

    March On

    The Corps of Cadets will show their school spirit with an outstanding "March On" parade for our home football game.
  • Oct

    The Goomba Grill, Curtis Hall Basketball Gym, and Curtis Hall Wt. Room

    The Goomba Grill will be open for the cadets to play recreational table games, watch college ball games, and enjoy concessions from the Goomba Kitchen.  
  • Oct

    Combat Archery

    The time has come again! Cadets are forming squads to battle each other in an action packed arrow tag tournament. This will be held before dinner at the McGinnis Football field and is a fun way to kick off a new week!
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