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Riverside is proud to offer transportation services for our cadets. During high sign-out and sign-in periods, such as open weekends and furloughs, we offer shuttle service to and from campus. We also provide transportation to off-campus appointments and other Academy-related events that are off campus. Click on the links below to learn more about the standard options. 

Transportation Information

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  • Airline Travel

    Airport Furlough Shuttles Departure Flights should be scheduled no earlier than 1 ½ hours after arrival time (listed below) at the airport. Return Flights should be scheduled to arrive at least one hour (domestic flights) 2 hours (International) before bus departure time on the return day. POC number for Transportation on Departure and Return dates is (770)540-7234. 

    Please inform the Academy of any changes or delays as soon as possible to help us plan ahead. 

    We ask that you send your itinerary to the Academy ( as soon as possible to help with planning. 

    Basic cost for shuttle to the Airport is as follows:
    Scheduled Runs:
    • Normal $50
    • Unaccompanied minor $115
    Non-Scheduled Runs:
    • Normal $85
    • Unaccompanied Minor $150.
    *** Prices are subject to increase due to rising fuel costs throughout the year.
  • Eagle Express

    GA-400 Exit 8 Mansell Rd / I-85 Gwinnett Place Mall Sears Parking lot 

    Parents should arrange for pick-up of cadets from all locations at the drop-off time. Drivers will wait up to 15 minutes past the drop-off time. At which time they will proceed to the next drop-off site or return to RMA. 

    Cost for shuttle is $25.00 for Mansell Rd and Gwinnett Place Mall 

    ***Prices are subject to increase due to rising fuel costs throughout the year.


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