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The health and well-being of the Corps of Cadets, both physically and emotionally, is integral to each cadet’s success at RMA. During the current pandemic, the health, safety, and security of our cadets has taken even greater importance. For that reason, we have invested resources to add a nurse practitioner to our staff, improved our ability to offer care in a socially distanced setting, and created a quarantine wing. Please read more about RMA’s response to the coronavirus.  

The infirmary’s facilities and staff are more than sufficient to provide routine care and response to acute health issues. The infirmary staff is aided by a supervising physician who is on campus three days a week. In addition to the quarantine wing, we have an 18-bed infirmary where cadets who need extra supervision during an illness are housed. We handle daily distribution of medicine and are located approximately 10 minutes from Northeast Georgia Medical Center, one of the best hospitals in the southeast.  


List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Lynn Townley

    Ms. Lynn Townley 

    Executive Director of Health Services
  • Photo of Christy Estrella

    Mrs. Christy Estrella 

    Director of Nursing
  • Photo of Kelli Moon

    Mrs. Kelli Moon 

    Infirmary Front End Coordinator
  • Photo of Jennifer Nunez-Banos

    Ms. Jennifer Nunez-Banos 

    Medication Coordinator
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