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Day Cadet Program

Riverside Military Academy is proud to offer an expanded Day Cadet Program for local families. Our Day Cadets have equal access to world-class facilities, exceptional faculty, a diverse student population, high quality athletics, and all of the other amenities that are integral to a top notch military boarding school environment.

Day Cadet Program Details

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  • Eligibility

    Prospects in grades 7-12, who reside with their family within 30 miles of our campus, are eligible to participate in Riverside's Day Cadet Program. 
  • Daily Schedule

    Day Cadets arrive on campus by 7:45 a.m. to sign in at the West Portal with the India Company TAC before reporting for morning Opportunity Time, a study period prior to classes with access to teachers. It is mandatory for all Day Cadets to participate in afternoon GSA (General Sports & Activities) with designated Company or sport unless excused by the Commandant. Off-campus recreational sports must be approved by the Commandant. At 5:30 p.m., Day Cadets may sign out with their TAC at the West Portal.
  • Responsibility of the Cadet

    Day Cadets are required to participate in all Corps of Cadets ceremonies and closed weekend activities. Cadets on Academic Restriction are required to attend a mandatory weekend study hall. If your cadet earned a demerit, he will march punishment hours (1 hour per demerit) on Friday afternoon or at weekend Guard Path. Day Cadets may drive to campus and must immediately sign in their keys and phone to the TAC officer. Day Cadets must arrive and depart in the prescribed RMA uniform. They are provided a uniform storage area where the cadet uniform issue must remain with the exception of the uniform of the day to be worn at check-in. Day cadets are responsible for their own laundry.
  • New Cadet Orientation

    New Day Cadets (Day ROCs) are required to complete the thirty-day Recruit On Campus (ROC) Cycle upon arrival to RMA. During Fall and Spring Registrations, all Day ROCs will board on campus for the four-day ROC Orientation. They will be allowed to return home after the conclusion of the first day of General Sports and Activities (GSA) on the next Monday. For the following three weekends, Day ROCs will be required to attend and participate in weekend ROC training, generally scheduled from 8 am to 5 pm, Saturday and Sunday. ROCs who arrive after Fall/Spring Registration periods will not board for the first four days and will begin ROC training daily while returning home overnight. These ROCs will also be required to attend all scheduled weekend training. A schedule will be published and distributed to parents/ROCs with further details of times, uniforms and training. Failure to attend designated ROC Training may prolong the ROC Cycle at the Commandant’s discretion. Parents may choose to board Day ROCs at RMA for the duration of the ROC Cycle at an additional $50/day cost (meals included) pending bed space availability.


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  • Photo of Marion Woods

    Maj. Woods 

    TAC Officer (India Company)

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