Cadet Life

Cadet Life

A Cadet School That Supports Your Son’s Success

Life as a cadet at Riverside Military Academy isn’t just fun -- it’s meaningful and transformative. Of all the 500+ cadets that attend Riverside Military Academy, nearly all are boarding students. And as much as cadet life is about academics and athletics, it’s also about what happens outside of the classroom or practice facility.
RMA has created an in-person, on-campus learning environment during the pandemic focused on the physical health and academic wellbeing of all students. Leadership development, robust intramural and conference sports, plus JROTC activities have been adapted to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all cadets. Read about RMA's response to COVID-19 and how the Academy has focused on the safety, stability, and security of its students. 

What is Military School Like at Riverside Military Academy?

Riverside Military Academy is unique from other military cadet schools in that it teaches students the personal values of honor, patriotism, and selflessness not only through the discipline and structure of a traditional military school environment but also through every facet of cadet life. The process of overcoming challenges, from difficult exams to advanced obstacle courses, is deeply gratifying -- and facing these challenges with fellow cadets is how lasting bonds are formed.

Riverside Military Academy offers a Leader Development Program where cadets learn and implement the art and science of leadership. In addition, cadets have access to several extracurricular clubs, activities, honor societies, and more which provide further opportunities to pursue personal interests. Participation in student groups also provides opportunities for cadets to get to know each other outside of the classroom.

A Home Away from Home

At Riverside Military Academy, it’s extremely important to us that the needs of your cadet are being met. Our student services are here to support your cadet so they can focus on what truly matters… reaching their true potential.

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  • Photo of Adam Carter

    LTC Adam Carter 

    Interim Commandant
  • Photo of Timothy Atwell

    Sgt. Tim Atwell 

    Chief TAC Officer
  • Photo of Bill O'Brien

    Bill O'Brien 

    Director of Safety and Security
  • Photo of Lynn Townley

    Lynn Townley 

    Executive Director of Health Services

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