New Employees and their Goals

Valarie M. Reeves, Director of Marketing/PR
We are pleased to share the following list of new hires at the Academy. Please take a moment to get familiar with the names and faces of our new instructors and staff.

Parent Engagement, Student Affairs, and Operations

LTC(R) Scott Basso, Director of Operations
LTC(R) Basso was formerly a TAC officer for RMA and has been hired on as the Director of Operations to assist with the planning and resourcing of events conducted at RMA.
Jonathan Cretul, ‘01, Operations Clerical
Mr. Cretul graduated from RMA in 2001, spent eight years working in the guidance office of a public school, and recently came back to assist the Operations area with clerical duties like facilitating good communication between several areas on campus and coordinating the weekly training schedule.
Kelli Moon, Parent Engagement Coordinator
Ms. Moon formerly worked in the RMA infirmary for several years. She was hand-selected to serve as the Parent Engagement Coordinator due to her kind nature and her ability to build relationships with RMA parents.
 Staci Patrick, Communications Liaison for Parents
Ms. Patrick is a communications and marketing specialist who will ensure that parents are receiving timely and accurate responses to their communications with RMA. She will also monitor and analyze parent communications with RMA to identify shortfalls in our communication plan and then adjust our plan where needed.
LTC Robert E. Powers, Chaplain
As the new chaplain for Riverside,  Lt. Col. Powers, who was previously the chaplain for the US Air Force Civilian Auxiliary for over 20 years, will serve cadets of all faith communities and provide opportunities for a rich religious and spiritual experience. He will coordinate on- and off-campus worship opportunities for cadets, including a weekly Bible study that is open to all cadets. He will be available for religious discussions and counseling with cadets and their families as well as coordinate with Ms. Wheeler, Riverside’s new psychological counselor, to meet the breadth of cadet needs.
1LT Ben Rosser, ʼ03, Student Affairs Coordinator
Previously a TAC officer at RMA, Mr. Rosser works with the Student Affairs to develop, plan, and execute cadet activities, events, and intramurals, as well as to assist with student government and select clubs. His goal is to provide unique and exciting opportunities for students.

Faculty and Academic Administration

 Jamie Chuven, Audio-Visual Television and Film Teacher and Director of Eagle News Network
In his 30th year in education, Mr. Chuven will lead the ENN team to produce the award-winning program and, to encourage cadet service to others, provide video recording and live streaming support to faculty and staff. He will help the cadets improve and grow as video creators and show them new and exciting ways to get their stories heard. He also enjoys hands-on projects like antique wood refinishing
Richard Crumley, Assistant Dean for Cadet Development
Mr. Crumley is entering his 34th year in education, having taught and coached 18 of those years at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, and 15 as a high school administrator. He will work collaboratively with cadets and staff to enhance student success, especially in terms of earning credits and progressing towards graduation. He enjoys spending time with his family and playing golf.
Brandon Forrest, Science Teacher
Mr. Forrest returns to Riverside to give cadets a positive and memorable experience with chemistry, prepare them for college level chemistry courses, and most of all, help them to see the world through the lens of the periodic table, having fun all along the way. His goal is for cadets to gain both an intuitive and technical understanding of the Universe at the atomic scale, making connections between the very small and everyday reality. His classes will use hands-on lab experiments, virtual simulations of the molecular world, research, short presentations, colorful demonstrations, as well as traditional learning methods. On a personal note, Mr. Forrest enjoys cooking, exercise, and the works of H.P. Lovecraft.
 Kat Garrett, Art Teacher
Ms. Garrett teaches middle school art and high school beginning drawing and painting and beginning sculpture and ceramics. My vision is to provide cadets with excellent resources and lessons and rich visual art experiences and to grow their skills to new levels. This year, students will learn new drawing techniques, work in colored pencil and charcoal, pastels and oil pastels, watercolor and acrylic paint, and clay. She is excited to watch cadets learn and grow!
Brian Johnston, Middle School Administrator
Mr. Johnston is the new Middle School Administrator and Squadron Commander for the new Civil Air Patrol Squadron. He is looking forward to helping cadets learn academically and grow as leaders. He has taught elementary,  middle school, special education, gifted, and college classes for 30 years. In 2018, he received the Civil Air Patrol National Aerospace Education Teacher of the Year award. He has been married for 30 years and has two grown children.
 Kristopher Martin, Mathematics Teacher
In addition to teaching mathematics, Mr. Martin will coach varsity wrestling and football. Mr. Martin enjoys preparing students for next level math classes using hands-on activities and projects.
Dr. Earline Matney, School Counselor
Dr. Matney is the new school counselor for grades 6-9. She will assist students with course and individual planning, group guidance, and system support, tracking them through their middle school journey and into high school. She will also be available when cadets need additional support. Earline enjoys being a mom and spending time with friends and family. 
 Nancy Pronko, Librarian
Ms. Pronko will share Library duties with Ms. Halliley, facilitating access to information in a variety of formats and preparing students to be effective users of ideas and information – a lifelong skill. Together, Ms. Pronko and Ms. Halliley will instruct students on how to acquire, evaluate, and use information, and introduce them to literature and other resources to broaden their horizons.
Whitney Richardson, Mathematics Teacher
As a new math teacher at RMA, it is Ms. Richardson’s goal to create and nurture a love and respect for mathematics, as it is used in our daily lives, as well as in future endeavors. She strives to cultivate a desire to achieve greatness, not only with mathematics-related employment but also in day-to-day life. She wants to teach her students to utilize math to their benefit, both in the short-term and long-term.
Patrik Silvola, Mathematics Teacher
Mr. Silvola joined the Math department this year, teaching Algebra and Geometry. His vision is to add value to the Math Department and facilitate the learning and growth of his students. He’s a Florida State grad and has recently taken up Brazilian jiu-jitsu.
Derek Straat, English and ESL Teacher
Mr. Straat envisions a renewed interest in classical and modern literature as a way to navigate these new and exciting technological times. His background is in both Drama and English, and he has worked as an actor on stages and as a teacher in classrooms all over the world. He is honored to bring his experience to Riverside.
Hudson Tanner, College Counselor
Ms. Tanner is the new 11th and 12th grade College Counselor. She is excited to use her previous higher education and admissions experience to assist cadets with their college searches. She will also partner with cadets to explore their goals, career paths, and degrees, as well as provide guidance for application essays and leadership and service résumés.
 Mark Weis, Assistant Director of Bands & Classroom Teacher
Mr. Weis’ primary goal for the RMA Band is to oversee the musical development of cadets and ensure the band is always growing and improving, challenging each one according to their skill level. Students in the band will learn work ethic and discipline as required to play an instrument and work together as part of one team. He also hopes to equip students with the tools necessary to overcome any challenge they encounter. Mr. Weis plays trumpet and enjoys the history of technology.
Julie Wheeler, Licensed Professional Counselor
Ms. Julie Wheeler, a Licensed Professional Counselor, joins the team in fulfillment of our pledge to do more to nurture the emotional health of cadets as we come out of what has been a difficult time for teens since March of 2020. Ms. Wheeler will bring a proactive approach to mental health as she seeks to identify and support cadets going through a rough patch before more serious interventions might be warranted.
Yue Yao, Chinese Teacher
Ms. Yao is reviving our popular Chinese language and culture program. She will teach non-native speakers the language, as well as help strengthen Chinese literature skills for native speakers. Originally from Beijing, she received her MAT from UGA and enjoys cooking.

TAC Officers and Commandant’s Area

 LCDR Corey Fogle, TAC Officer
LCDR Fogle is a retired naval aviator of over 20 years, an instructor pilot, advisor in Afghanistan, and teacher at USAFA. He enjoys mentoring and looks forward to helping students make the most of their time at RMA.
SSG Anthony Valdez, TAC Officer
As Teacher, Advisor, and Counselor for Scout Company, SSG Valdez intends to provide a combination of military discipline and patience while molding cadets into proper young men. He plans to communicate openly with parents as he guides their middle school students through understanding and consistency.


Allison Lau, Pharmacy Technician
Ms. Lau worked as Patient Care Tech locally and now coordinates doctor visits and medications with parents, students, and our local pharmacy.
Linda Satterfield, Infirmary Front End Coordinator
Ms. Satterfield, in her role as Front End Coordinator, will schedule appointments and remind students of upcoming appointments. She will provide clerical services as well as inform parents when updated documentation is needed.


1SG Greg Anderson, Army JROTC Instructor
As 1SG(R) Greg Anderson enters his 18th year of instructing JROTC, his goals are to mentor, coach, and teach young men on how to become determined, forward-looking, goal-setting adults. He also hopes to help RMA become Georgia State Drill Champions.
 Melissa Bergey, JROTC Administrative Assistant
Ms. Bergey understands that the JROTC program can help students find direction and motivation due to her own military career beginning in JROTC. She will assist LTC(R) Lee and the JROTC Instructors to help them execute the JROTC program as effectively and efficiently as possible.