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Riverside Military Academy’s Alumni Association was created to advance the interests and promote the welfare of Riverside Military Academy, its cadets, its faculty and its alumni, and to foster closer relations between these groups.  Every former cadet who attended Riverside Military Academy, whether he graduated or not, is considered a member of the Alumni Association.

The Alumni Council serves as the governing body for the Association and it meets in the fall during the Academy's Homecoming weekend and in the spring at Founders’ Day.  The current chairman of the Alumni Association is John McKernan, '88.  If you are interested in becoming involved as a volunteer or would like more information about the Alumni Association and/or Alumni Council, please contact John at for details. 

Alumni Council Members

John McKernan, ‘88 (Chairman)
Bryan Baldwin, ’96 (Vice Chairman)
Dennis Agnelly, '66
Richard Bisso, ‘85
Chris Cotter, ’88
John Delcambre, ‘66 
Victor Disharoon, ‘72
Zach Garrett, ‘11
Zak Haque, '01
Grant Jones, ‘93
Jason Klein, ’08
Robert Lindsey, '80
Matt Lively, '96
Christopher Reed, '11
Frank Piedra, '87
Steve Van De Kreke, ‘86
Jim Young, ‘78
Errol Bisso ‘61, Director of Alumni Relations
Jody Wilson, Secretary

Member Emeritus

Ron Fenner, '66, Chairman Emeritus
Bernard (Bernie) Freeman, ’58, Chairman Emeritus
Bud Oakey, '75, Chairman Emeritus
Sumner Cahoon, '49
Charles Cook, '74
Jay Glazer, ’64 
Bill Glisson, ‘78
Robert (Bob) Jones, ’56 
Paul Posner, ‘56
E. J. Salcines, ’56, Chairman Emeritus
Seth Wagner ’56
Nizar Zakka '85

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