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Alumni Welcome

Welcome to the Alumni Resource Board!

For over a century, Riverside has produced leaders who have excelled in many professional pursuits and remain active with the academy long after they leave these hallowed halls.  Riverside alumni include athletes, inventors, actors, business owners, lawyers, and judges as well as many others who have gone on to accomplish great things. 

We maintain a strong alumni association and offer multiple ways to stay connected.
The Riverside Alumni Association is open to all graduates and anyone who attended Riverside Military Academy. Our Alumni Association is dedicated to service and information about our past and our future. During the school year, the association meets at Homecoming in the fall. Our Alumni Council is active in its leadership role of the Association and helps create alumni events throughout each year.  Through the Association’s Class President’s program, alumni are encouraged to stay in touch with their alma mater.
We are always happy to see our alumni either on campus or at off campus alumni gatherings. It is important that as alumni you keep us informed of your location and your willingness to help serve your Alma Mater in any capacity.
For over five decades, I have taken great pride in being a member of the loyal Brothers in Blue, and I look forward to seeing you all on campus soon.  

Errol Bisso ‘61
Director of Alumni Relations

Alumni Council Leadership

Mr. John B. McKernan, II, '88

Dr. Bryan Baldwin, '96
Vice Chairman
“Riverside Military Academy was instrumental in my adolescent formation and helped to further enhance my God-given gifts of dedication, tenacity, and perseverance.  Riverside shaped my character and integrity, motivated me to strive for excellence, and empowered me to become a critical thinker in the world.  Over the decades, Riverside has been blessed with excellent military training, quality teachers and educators, and outstanding staff and administration, and today is no exception.  Should you be discerning a private, boarding school, and quality education, like I did over 30-years ago with my parents, then Riverside is the place for you: state-of-the art facilities, great character and ethical formation, high standards in education, quality military instruction, and developing and sustaining friendships that last a lifetime.  Riverside still remains one of the greatest chapters in my life—four great years—but it does not end at graduation, you are part of a fraternity that lasts a lifetime.” 
~ Arthur D. Canales, D.Min.
Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology & Ministry
Marian University (Indianapolis, IN)
Class of 1981