Summer L.E.A.D. Academy

June 30 - July 26, 2019
Summer L.E.A.D. Academy provides students a great mix between a summer academic program and a high adventure summer camp, all within the context of Riverside’s famed military model of education. In general, the mornings are centered on the academic component of the program, while the entire afternoon is dedicated to athletics and adventures. The evenings are dedicated to character studies, study skill enhancement, and academic preparation for the next day. The specific curriculum a student participates in largely depends on the grade level they will be entering in the Fall and whether the student is seeking to replace or advance by an academic credit. During the weekends, the students go on trips that take advantage of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and the excitement of Atlanta. Below are the different programs students and parents can select from:
Academic Offerings
- Credit Classes- Designed for rising 10th -12th graders. Either one full credit or two half credits can be earned. Best for credit recovery.
- High School Bound- Preparation for rising 9th graders to take on the rigors of high school life.
- Middle School Foundations- For rising 7th and 8th graders. Covering all fundamentals of core subjects to prepare for the next grade.
- College Readiness Bootcamp- Designed for rising 11th and 12th graders. Our 4-week college readiness boot camp is designed to prepare students for the rigors of the college selection and application processes and the unique challenges of college life.
- English Learners Program- Whether a beginner-level English learner or more advanced, our English learning program is designed to provide level-appropriate English language instruction in reading, writing, and speaking. This program also includes opportunities for cultural excursions.
Adventure Training Examples
- Rappelling
- Water Survival Training
- Kayaking Instruction
- Field Craft
- Leadership Reaction Course
*Specific events subject to change.
Premium Activities*
- We offer a variety of premium activities you can choose to sign up for. Some examples of these activities will Introduction to scuba, marksmanship, weightlifting, and many more. These are great options if your cadet has a specific interest or passion.
Weekend Excursions
- Every weekend is packed full of off-campus excursions. Some examples of these types of excursions are Braves baseball games, Six Flags theme park, White Waters theme park, white water rafting, and much more.
For more information please contact the Admissions office at 1-877-692-2338 or email
*Specific events subject to change based on interest.

Summer LEAD Academy Offerings - Courses Subject to Change

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  • Middle School Foundations - Rising 7th and 8th Graders

    Our 4-week Middle School Foundations program is designed to engage and challenge middle school boys. The program gives boys the chance to improve their foundational skills in Math and English and prepare for the upcoming academic year. The program also includes two 2-week sessions focusing on study habits of the successful student and practical skills for the young man.
    The Middle School Foundations program includes a full complement of weekday and weekend activities designed to challenge each boy. This is a fun, one-of-a-kind middle school summer experience.
  • High School Bound - Rising 9th Graders

    The transition from middle school to high school is daunting for parents and their sons.  In this program, we seek to support rising ninth graders as they bridge the gap. In this 4-week High School Bound program, we work to make sure that all students understand the key differences between middle school and high school. They’ll be familiarized with high school graduation pathways and course planning tools. They will also receive an introduction to college and career planning, to include a visit to a local university campus. All students will receive academic instruction in Math and English workshops. These courses, graded on a pass/fail basis are designed to enhance skills and prepare students for the rigor of a high school academic load. Finally, the program will include two 2-week sessions focusing on study habits for the successful student and practical skills for the young man.
    This program includes a full complement of weekday and weekend activities designed to challenge each boy. 
  • College Readiness Bootcamp - Rising 11th & 12th Graders

    Our 4-week college readiness boot camp is designed to prep rising upperclassmen for the demands of the college application process. The first 2-week session will be spent understanding the college admissions process and available college pathways. Students will visit a minimum of 5 college campuses to include The University of Georgia, Georgia Tech (#34), The University of North Georgia, and Emory University (#21). Each student will be guided through the Common Application and receive individualized support on their college essay.  The second 2-week session will be spent preparing for the SAT or ACT. We will support the registration process for these exams and set up accounts with an ACT and SAT if needed.
  • Academic Credit Classes - Rising 10th-12th Graders*

    Our for-credit classes cover a full year of a standard high school curriculum. They are fast paced and require a commitment to hard work and a sustained focused effort. These classes meet for 5 hours per day. Each class is composed of two 2-week semesters. Students taking for-credit classes will be limited to one subject per semester.  Please see chart below for course availability.

    Semester 1
    July 1nd – July 12th
    Semester 2
    July 15th – July 26th
    Algebra I
    Algebra I
    Algebra II
    Algebra II
    English – Literature and Composition
    English – Literature and Composition
    Computer Science
    Computer Science
    Driver's Education
    SAT Prep

    *Courses subject to change
  • English Learners Program - Open to All Levels of English Learners

    Whether a beginner-level English learner or more advanced, our English learning program is designed to provide level-appropriate English language instruction in reading, writing, and speaking. This program also includes opportunities for cultural excursions. This will include a visit to two local universities. 

  • Adventure Training Experiences

    All students will be exposed to these adventure training experiences during LEAD.
    Using facilities here at Riverside, Cadets will learn how to rappel and belay on a 25 ft and 50 ft wall. Cadets will have to overcome any fears and learn to trust their equipment and their belay partner.
    Water Survival Training
    Cadets will receive instruction and practical application of water survival training to prepare them for future water borne operations during LEAD. Water survival training will focus on making an improvised personal flotation device, treading water, diving from a distance of 3 and 5 meters and swimming with military equipment for a distance of 15 meters.
    Kayaking instruction
    Cadets will have the opportunity for hands-on application of kayaking skills and safety from a skills certified cadre member.
    Field Craft
    Using provided and improvised materials, cadets will learn how to build a fire, make shelters, and prepare water for safe drinking.
    Leadership Reaction Course
    Given set task, conditions, and standards; cadets will have to navigate a series of obstacles within a given time. Successful navigation of these obstacles will rely on critical thinking and teamwork of all members.  
  • Premium Activities*

    Introduction to SCUBA - $1,450
    Participants receive an Open Water SCUBA Certification taught by the McEver Dive Shop in Riverside's olympic natatorium. Students are instructed in the basics of dive safety, equipment, emergency response, and other critical skills. The course culminates in a validation dive. Boy Scouts are eligible to receive the SCUBA merit badge.

    Marksmanship - $300
    Precision air rifle training using the Academy's state of the art indoor rifle range is offered each year as a part of the L.E.A.D. Academy.
    Participants can either hone their shooting skills or learn shooting basics. 

    Weightlifting - $300
    This course includes supplements and individualized training programs taught by an experienced weight training professional. Participants learn the mechanics of safe lifting and how to develop specialized training plans to achieve desired results.
    *Premium activities are contingent upon enrollment per class. 

Summer School Costs

Type of Student
4 – Weeks
2 – Weeks
New Cadets
  • Domestic Boarding
  • Day
  • International
  • $5,110
  • $2,380
  • $5,425
  • $2,900
  • $1,450
  • $3,055
Returning Cadets
  • Domestic Boarding
  • Day
  • International
  • $4,870
  • $1,880
  • $5,185
  • $2,565
  • $1,075
  • $2,725