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Social Studies

The central focus and goal of a Riverside Military Academy Social Studies course of study for our Cadets aspires to not only teach historical knowledge of past civilizations and peoples, but additionally strives to create an academic passion and competence in research, writing, interaction, public-speaking, and critical-thinking -- skills necessary for success in college and university life, and for future career choices.  Success for our Cadets means having opportunities to investigate virtuous leadership of historical personalities and the decision-making processes, during key historical events, which are necessary for the thriving spirit of an American democracy, and inherent in a military boarding school environment like our Academy.
To listen, to learn, to read, to understand, to think, to write, to connect, to solve, to theorize, to question, to self-critique, to empower, to motivate, and to nurture moral and virtuous knowledge and understanding, and to grow democratically-minded citizen-leaders, within an American Constitutional Republic, and throughout the world, is our Departmental and institutional goal.

Social Studies Courses

Riverside offers a four-year program in Social Studies, through the high school years, that investigates the historical, political, economic, and culture developments of ideas and movements in American and global studies.  Staring in the middle school years, introductions to Ancient Studies and American History, are the first course of action. 

With elevation to high school, beginning with the 9th and 10th grades, our Cadets college preparatory studies turn towards either Global Human Geography or a college preparatory World History course.  Ultimately, this process is capped off during a rigorous Junior year (US History), and a Senior year, divided between Economics and US Government. 

Electives such as AP Psychology, AP US History, AP Government, AP World History, AP Human Geography, Leadership, Manhood, & Valor, and Honors level courses, are made available to all high school students.  To supplement such courses of study, trips to Colonial Williamsburg, the Senior Military Academy at the University of North Georgia, and the Civil War detention camp at Andersonville, are possible destination locales for further investigation by Riverside Cadets as preparation for their University years.

WWI Battlefield Tour 2017

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  • Photo of Dennis Bagwell

    MSgt Dennis Bagwell USAF(Ret.)  

    Social Studies & Russian Teacher
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    Mr. Seth Brownlee 

    Social Studies Teacher
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    Mr. Tim Cummings 

    Chaplain & Social Studies Teacher
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    Mr. Doug Harper 

    Social Studies Teacher
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    Mr. Marvin Latham 

    Social Studies Teacher/Head Basketball Coach
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    Mr. Jared Mummaw 

    Social Studies Teacher
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    Mr. Andrew Pedry 

    Social Studies & Latin Teacher