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Physical Education

The Physical Education Department seeks to develop cadets physically and intellectually. The courses, by design, help foster essential skills such as teamwork, accountability, sportsmanship, and work-ethic. Group activities, such as team sports, help to develop a base for positive social interactions and garner self-confidence through healthy competition. Our primary goal is to create a better understanding of health and fitness principles, while encouraging healthy habits and life-long involvement in physical activities. Cadets are taught the importance of personal goals and a means of which to attain them by regularly participating in physical fitness assessments. Through a well-balanced network of individual and group activities, we strive to provide ample opportunities for young men to hone their social skills, improve their physical fitness, and further mold their characters. 

Physical Education Courses

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  • Drivers Education

    This course will provide cadets the opportunity to learn driver education through classroom instruction, while preparing each student with knowledge of the traffic laws, driving restrictions, and requirements of the state of Georgia. This course is designed to include an emphasis on the development of attitude, and teaching responsible driving habits. Driver’s Ed will help them develop a solid foundation on the driving skills necessary for the safe operation of a motor vehicle. The purpose of this course is to inform young adults about the responsibility of driving. Students will be prepared for the driver’s permit test, and trained in order to obtain a driver’s license from the state of Georgia.
  • Health

    This will be a comprehensive health program, provided in a flexible format, designed to improve health and wellness among high school students.  Fitness principles, nutrition, fad diets, weight control, stress management, adherence strategies, and consumer information will be topics of discussion throughout the course.  This course is designed to promote self-awareness and responsibility in health.
  • Lifetime Sports & Fitness (7th-8th)

    This course is for 7th and 8th grade students that will cover a variety of activities that will focus on overall health and wellness. Activities may include, but not limited to, a variety of team sports, individual sports, strength training, flexibility, and recreational activities.  The course will promote lifelong fitness principles and enjoyment of physical activity.  
  • Martial Arts

    The Martial arts can be divided into two major systems, hard and soft (External and Internal). As simple as it may seem, there are many differences in each style whether they be soft such as Aikido or hard such as karate. When novices think of karate they generally think kicking, punching, striking, board and brick breaking. This is only partially true. For instance, Northern Wushu systems teach many soft circular movements where many styles of karate teach hard percussion movements. The term “ Atemi waza” translates into percussion techniques, which  in fact do involve hitting and kicking. The term “ Aiki” translates into the way of harmony. Each style has its good and bad points. For instance, Aikido may be very ineffective in restrictive areas such as elevators and vehicles. Karate has its limitations if the maai (combative distance)ends up on the ground.
    In past decades Ju Jitsu has been very popular due to media contest but this too has its limitations. For instance what if you have two or three attackers? One may not simply call “time out” until the first attacker is subjugated. Every style has its advantages and disadvantages so it is very beneficial for the serious martial arts practitioner to understand and be proficient in several styles as far as self-defense is concerned. This is where Kami Bushi Kai comes in. This style is a mixture of martial arts that will benefit the student by practicing and studying multiple martial arts and understanding many of their philosophies. For example, Sun Tzu’s classic Art of War teaches to fight your opponent on your ground, not his. This very simple strategy applies to everything from military campaigns to business. This is why military governments and corporations mandate this book to be read and studied. Though we will only touch base with this
    classic, we will cover many others throughout this course.
  • PE (9th-12th)

    Students will be actively involved in learning fitness principles, rules, game strategies, and participating in a variety of team sports and fitness activities that emphasize the five components of fitness: cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. The Physical Education Department will use the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) as a guideline for this course.  Activities to be covered may include, but not limited to, tennis, badminton, flag/touch football, basketball, softball/baseball, volleyball, soccer, and water polo.  Students will also have the opportunity to learn and participate in recreational activities such as whiffle ball, kickball, Ultimate Frisbee, etc.  This course is for 9th thru 12th grade students only.
  • Weight Training (9th-12th)

    This course is designed for the student/athlete that is interested in strength and conditioning, and has a desire to increase their knowledge and performance in the strength and conditioning field.  This course will include high intensity strength training regimens that focus on a variety of functional movements and conditioning.  This course is recommended for any high school student or athlete with a desire to improve their physical and/or athletic abilities.  


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    Mr. Chad Sage 

    Head Baseball Coach/PE Teacher
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    Mr. Pleasant 

    Physical Education Department Chair
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    Mr. Nick Garrett 

    Head Football Coach
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