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8th Grade

8th Grade Courses

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  • English 8

    Students continue building a solid foundation for their work in high school. For example, students learn to pay attention to essential details while reading and to recognize patterns in common literary genres.  They learn to use these details and patterns to draw inferences and make predictions as they read.  Special attention is also given to developing vocabulary, academic curiosity, communication skills, and study skills. Course texts are chosen with an eye for the best balance between appeal and literary merit.  In composition, the focus is on building grammatically sound and detailed sentences, coherent, evidence based paragraphs, and organizing both short essays and longer creative writing projects.
  • English 8 Honors

    Presently, 8th grade honor students are embedded in the College Prep course.  In addition to the work their peers do, honor students receive additional assignments and may have additional class meetings in OT. Critical thinking and clear communication is a priority. Honors students are held to a higher standard on daily work, tests and projects.  Honors students are expected to be class leaders, and to demonstrate a high level of motivation to advance their skills in reading, writing and reasoning.  
  • Math 8

    Cadets will use symbolic algebra to represent situations and solve problems, especially those that involve linear relationships. They will also use and apply geometric properties of plane figures. Cadets will become skilled in the following areas: representation of numbers, square roots, exponents, scientific notation; geometry; algebra; data analysis and probability; process standards; reason and evaluate mathematical arguments; communicate mathematically; make connections among math ideas to other disciplines; represent mathematics in multiple ways. 
  • Algebra 8

    Cadets who demonstrated excellence in Math 7 can be selected to take Algebra 8. This would allow cadets the opportunity to take more advanced math and science course in High School. This is the first course in a sequence of courses designed to provide students with a rigorous program of study in mathematics. It includes radical, polynomial and rational expressions, basic functions and their graphs, simple equations, complex numbers; quadratic and piecewise functions, sample statistics, and curve fitting.
  • Physical Science (8th Grade)

    This is a course for cadets to explore fundamental physics concepts and learn to utilize these skills and principles in real-world applications. Students will gain an understanding of the nature of science and scientific inquiry by working with other cadets to make predictions based on data, patterns and events. Objectives are tied to the Georgia Performance Standards for 8th Grade Physical Science.  Physics principles such as measurement, data collection, accuracy, reliability, organizing data, interpreting data, patterns and predictions, and theoretical probability will be applied.  Students are also introduced to the fundamentals of chemistry, motion and forces, electricity and magnetism, sound waves, light rays, and energy transfer.  In addition to the content material, emphasis will be placed upon Scientific Inquiry, Research, Organizing, Note Taking, and Presentation. 
  • American History (8th Grade)

    Cadets study historical patterns to understand and evaluate change and diverse perspectives.  They examine themes of society in American politics, American economics, American culture and international relations.  They will incorporate historical research, critical thinking, analysis, group interaction, and originality.
  • Spanish I

    Spanish I emphasizes the foundation skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, taught through the application of simple grammatical concepts and practice in listening and speaking--individually, in pairs, and in groups.  Upon completion of this course, students will be able to comprehend elementary spoken Spanish, develop and use vocabulary for practical, everyday use, speak with sufficiently correct pronunciation to be understood, read and write simple Spanish paragraphs and discuss and be sensitive to Hispanic culture.
  • Chinese I (Chinese language and culture)

    Chinese I is an introductory course to the basic grammar, writing and culture of Mandarin Chinese. Students acquire the basic language items of Mandarin Chinese in class by being exposed to a large amount of Chinese Comprehensible Input (understandable messages in specific communication contexts), focusing on common phrases used in everyday life, as well as how to read, write and type Chinese characters. Students are introduced to Chinese culture and history, developing an overview of how to communicate and interact effectively with Chinese people. The handout Chinese TPRS Class 1 created by Ms. Zihan Lin, which is based on four Chinese textbooks (Nihao, Chinese Made Easy, Integrated Chinese, and Experiencing Chinese), GA Standards, and HSK1 vocabulary list, is the foundation of this course. Students will be learning Chinese cultural knowledge with many specific topics (food, architecture, sports, etc.); students will learn how to play Tai Qi, do paper cutting, and write calligraphy in class.
  • Latin I

    This course is designed to introduce cadets to the Latin language and Roman culture. Cadets will gain an introductory-level understanding of Latin grammar, syntax, and vocabulary and exposure to Roman history, mythology, and culture. This course is the full, formal first year of Latin.
  • Middle School Band

    Middle school band members are part of the marching band and musical ensemble that will perform concerts for the surrounding community serving as a representative for Riverside.  Cadets will develop musical skills and develop techniques related to their individual instruments. They will be musically literate young men with an appreciation for the different styles of music studied in class. Band cadets will learn self-discipline, individual responsibility, as well as teamwork. Band class will also provide leadership opportunities, a sense of brotherhood, and allow a positive outlet for expression. The band classes fulfill part of a cadet’s arts rotation requirement. Being in a band class is not intended to be a one- semester or one-year commitment. Learning to play an instrument and play music with an ensemble takes years to develop. Once a cadet joins a band class, he is strongly encouraged to remain in band for all of the years he remains at Riverside.
  • Lifetime Sports & Fitness (7th-8th)

    This course is for 7th and 8th grade students that will cover a variety of activities that will focus on overall health and wellness. Activities may include, but not limited to, a variety of team sports, individual sports, strength training, flexibility, and recreational activities.  The course will promote lifelong fitness principles and enjoyment of physical activity.
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