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President's Club

2nd Quarter Fall 2021 President's Club

Congratulations to the following list of 16 middle school and 90 high school cadets who earned their membership into the President's Club.

Middle School

  • DiMartino, Luca
  • Dureke, Nigel
  • Faulkner, Chad
  • Korop, Boris
  • Li, Bill
  • Li, William
  • Llarena, Mateo
  • Martinez, Jose Antonio
  • Meeks, Colton
  • Newkirk, Desi
  • O’Donnell, Aidan
  • Parra, Jose
  • Pizano, Claudio
  • Sorrells, Bennett
  • Talluri, Adhrit
  • Zhong, Yuchen

High School

  • Abildinov, Rustem
  • Alcerreca, Luis
  • Baker, Caleb
  • Bethel, Declan
  • Bian, Cody
  • Bian, Troy
  • Blankenship, Cameron
  • Bovard, Hunter
  • Bovard, Phoenix
  • Chaves, Paulo
  • Crough, Alex
  • Cuellar, Hommero
  • Cuevas, Briant
  • Cupples, Joseph
  • Dewey, Evan
  • Emmett, Daniel
  • Errickson, David
  • Finley, David
  • Florian, Michael
  • Ford, Blake
  • Galloway, John
  • Garcia, Alfonso
  • Gassan, Nikita
  • Gray, Nicholas
  • Gutierrez, Carlos
  • Halligan, Stephen
  • Hamilton, Tomis
  • Hayes, Devin
  • He, Honghui
  • Heist, Holden
  • Holladay, Grant
  • Hunte, Johnathan
  • Jin, Boxian
  • Jones, Christian
  • Jones, Phillip
  • Jusino, Diego
  • Kariningufu, Yann
  • Knowles, Adam
  • Kriegel, Brady
  • La Douceur, Armand
  • Lambert, Juan Jose
  • Langa, Jacob
  • Le, Truong Nguyen
  • Legaspi, Anthony
  • Levin, Samuel
  • Li, Ryan
  • Lopez-Pineda, Ethan
  • Malvaez, Adrian
  • McCarroll, Rowe
  • McKinnon, Henry
  • Mendoza, Erwin
  • Mendoza, Peter
  • Miles, Thomas
  • Miguel, Emiliano
  • Miller, Zachary
  • Mwangi, Nathan
  • Newkirk, Kolaiah
  • Nguyen, Thanh
  • Novov, Nikita
  • Ojeda, Landon
  • Orso, Jackson
  • Patey, Alexander
  • Payne, Jude
  • Peterson, Jonathan
  • Pham Ngo Thien,Phu
  • Phan, Nguyen
  • Piedmonte, Anthony
  • Piedmonte, Khaidan
  • Pombo, Alexander
  • Ponko, Andrey
  • Press, Aaron
  • Presten, Andrew
  • Purvis, Kain
  • Roos, Brandon
  • Struve, Eliyah
  • Sun, Yixiang
  • Thomazini, Giovanni
  • Thompson, Maxwell
  • Tolmachov, Mykola
  • Tortorelli, Colin
  • Turabov, Bekhruz
  • Twenge, Augustus
  • Vega, Christian
  • Vo, Christian
  • Whitman, Zachary
  • Williams, Kevin
  • Xiao, Haichen
  • Zeng, Leo
  • Zheng, Kelin
  • Zhong, Bryan


Middle School

  • Members have access to Mitchell Quarters’ pass
  • Members have off-campus activities and are able to attend on campus sport events during study hours.
  • Members may order from Commandant-approved restaurants on Wednesday’s and weekends
  • Members may move to the front of their company line in the Mess Hall.
  • Access to cell phones with permission from TAC officer  
  • Members are given, and must wear the gray JROTC beret.
  • Access to day room on Wednesday’s, but (permission must be given by TAC)

High School

  • Members may retain their cellphones with the following conditions. Members are directed and trusted not to carry or use phones during the academic day, nor allow non-members to use their phones. 
  • Members may use The Goomba Grill during evening study period (ESP) Tuesdays and Thursdays. Access must be coordinated with security and approved by commandant staff.
  • The doors to members’ rooms can be closed to study during ESP and members may change into a complete PT uniform, if desired.
  • Members are given, and must wear the gray JROTC beret.
  • Members may order from Commandant-approved restaurants on Mondays and eat in Goomba Grill
  • Members may utilize the Barracks Weight Room during ESP (permission must be given by TAC)
  • Members may move to the front of their company line in the Mess Hall


  1. Meet the Silver Star academic award standards by virtue of maintaining a 3.75 GPA in core classes for the quarter. (Honors and Advanced Placement courses are weighted and add .5 or 1.0, respectively, to the calculation)
  2. Accumulation of 5 demerits or less from the previous quarter.
  3. Must be actively participating in a Riverside club, activity or extracurricular sport for GSA session, this will now require a cadet to be active in a varsity sport or intramural for membership.
  4. Active participation in a Riverside varsity sport or intramural in the previous quarter qualifies you for the following quarter.
  5. Active in 60% of the quarter or 5 out of the 9 weeks in a quarter in a sport or intramural.
  6. If a cadet is injured, he must get have his coach, TAC, or advisor to inform me of the injury.
  7. Meet 3 times a week with the attendance of your coach or advisor. Coach/Advisor will be asked to verify.
  8. Cadet must be enrolled for the entire quarter.
  9. A class 1 violation will result in instant removal of membership in P.C, along with One-Quarter probation.
  10. Failing in an academic class will result in losing all P.C. privileges until cadet is no longer failing.
  11. Exceptions are at the Director of Student Affairs discretion.
Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 reads: No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance. Riverside Military Academy complies with Title IX.

Alcohol/Tobacco/Drug-Free School: Strictly Enforced