Fine Arts


Riverside Drama produces two performances each year, alternating between modern and classic and comedy and drama. Each production is created by cadets, from building the sets to focusing the lights. We have an Introduction to Theater class which allows students to learn the craft of theater and set building. Meanwhile, the advanced theater class, Play Production, dedicates it’s time to working on the current production. The theater department operates like a small theater company, where the job is to produce entertaining theater events.
In years past, we have dreamed of strange forests with spirits and magic on a midsummer’s night, delved into mysteries with Sherlock Holmes, suffered under the heat of a jury room with twelve angry men, and slipped into madness with a Scottish King. Every year we try to bring the best work we can. Our productions tend to be small casts, allowing for a group of young actors to push the show with nothing more than their skills and talents.
The theater department performs in the beautiful Cervantes Theater, a 600 seat auditorium with advanced lighting and sound that brings the magic of the stage to life.
As a director and a teacher, I feel strongly that my job is to encourage students to find their own takes on the characters. I believe that acting is a craft, but that there is no one path to success. I try not to over direct, and I hate line readings. In other words, it is not my job to perform the roles for my students, but to help them find their best performance. The key to good acting is found in our flexibility and creativity. Yes, at first an actor will need more guidance, but as that actor grows into their roles, they must learn to take on more responsibility. This is a skill that will help my students both as actors and as young men, no matter where they go in life.

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