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Fine Arts


Boys are, without exception, creative beings. The Arts Department at Riverside Military Academy provides an unparalleled venue for the exploration and realization of our boys’ creative vision and talent. The Arts enrich the life of every boy and our community as a whole. Working alongside accomplished and practicing artists, our boys explore their artistic interests and improve their skills. Unlike many boys in coeducational schools, Riverside cadets do not shy away from the arts; it is not unusual to find a boy working on his sketch in the art room, practicing a solo in our beautiful theater, or reciting his lines with peers in the drama room.

Arts Courses

Cadets at Riverside are required to take at least one course in the visual or performing arts. Opportunities in the arts include the following:

  • Fine Art, Painting and Drawing
  • Fine Art, Ceramics and Sculpture
  • Music, Percussion
  • Music, Drum Corps
  • Music, Wind Ensemble
  • Music, Concert Band
  • Music, Symphonic Band
  • Music, Jazz Ensemble
  • Music, Piano
  • Music, Concert Choir
  • Drama, Acting
  • Drama, One-Acts
  • Drama, Play Production
  • Audio-Video Technology & Film I
  • Audio-Video Technology & Film II
  • Audio-Video Technology & Film III

Elliot Eisner

Art is literacy of the heart.


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