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Riverside Military Academy is known for its challenging, rigorous, yet rewarding academic environment. Our goal is for every cadet to be successful both academically and socially in order to be independent contributors to society after graduation. The Mac and Sue McLendon Student Success Center is designed to meet the individual needs of cadets with recognized learning issues by providing academic, organizational, and motivational support. Cadets who struggle academically can access the learning center either through a study hall or a resource class. The learning specialist, in collaboration with the learning support specialist, oversees the accommodations for each cadet, monitors their grades and academic status, assists cadets in developing soft and executive skills, works with academic teachers to keep up with the cadets’ assignments and tests, and maintains consistent quality communication with academic and elective teachers, parents, and cadets.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What Is Our Approach?

    Because each cadet has their own learning style, the staff in the learning center use a student- focused approach to learning. While staff is readily available for assistance, cadets are expected to advocate for themselves and identify their academic needs on a daily basis both inside the learning center and in their core classes. Study skills and organizational strategies lessons are embedded in the day to day goals set up for each cadet. With the knowledge that some students acquire and process information differently, the learning specialist reviews each cadet’s file and forms a Riverside Learning Plan for implementation by his teachers across the curriculum. Cadets are made aware of the accommodations available to them and are expected to communicate with teachers and speak for themselves to get their needs met.  Because our cadets with learning differences are regular students first, teachers are encouraged to make only the accommodations necessary for the cadet to succeed in their class. As a result, our cadets become independent learners who navigate through life successfully.
  • Does RMA Provide Accommodations?

    Riverside will provide certain accommodations that are in line with the expectations of a college preparatory program. Cadets who have previous documentation in the form of an IEP, 504, or an Educational/Psychological Evaluation are eligible for these accommodations, however neither grading nor academic expectations are modified. Because our goal is for all cadets to be candidates for college acceptance, modifications to curriculum, assignments, and tests are discouraged. In order to prepare our cadets (with learning issues) for college, they are required to complete the same quality and quantity of work assigned to their peers. The learning center personnel strive to work collaboratively with students, teachers, school counselors and parents to ensure that all cadets with the potential to meet Riverside’s rigorous academic standards can achieve academic, social, and personal success.
  • What Can We Provide?

    The Mac and Sue McLendon Student Success Center provides a wide range of small group support and services. Cadets with documentation of diagnosed learning differences are evaluated and observed on a consistent basis to identify their individual academic and social needs. With this knowledge, the staff in the learning center is able to provide the following:
    ---A thorough and comprehensive analysis of the documentation submitted in order to develop a Riverside Accommodations Plan for implementation in all of the cadet’s classes
    ---Development of strategies tailored to each cadet’s learning style
    ---Consistent communication with teachers, parents, counselors and the cadet’s TAC officer
    ---Coaching to help cadets learn essential academic skills and become effective self-advocates
    ---Submit the necessary documentation to request accommodations on the ACT and the SAT
    ---Workshops to strengthen organizational, study, time management, and test-taking skills
    ---Parent education and support
    ---Remediation of skills and subject content support
    ---Recommendation for outside Psycho-Educational testing and related academic services to include peer tutoring, fee-based professional tutoring during after school hours, and consultation with outside counselors to carry over targeted social strategies
    ---Supervised evening and weekend study hours
    ---Provide services that are available in many schools and highly selective colleges and universities
    ---Weekly monitoring of grades and behavior to identify problematic areas and set goals dor each cadet. Parents are kept abreast of critical grades and subsequent plans for action
  • What’s In It For My Cadet?

    At RMA, we are committed to the academic, personal, and social success of each cadet. For us, it is not enough to simply deliver academic material. Relationships between cadets and teachers are key to a successful boarding school environment. Ultimately, it is these relationships which enable each cadet to flourish and develop the appropriate skills to go out into the world and make a difference.
    Our goals are:
    ---To assist cadets as they learn and develop strategies in accordance with their learning style
    ---To encourage cadets to be independent, confident learners who advocate on their own behalf for appropriate support, services, and/or accommodations
    ---To provide opportunities for cadets to develop positive self-awareness and a willing attitude towards learning
    ---To help cadets acquires effective organizational, time management, and study skills that will carry over to their post-graduation plans
    ---To foster a positive and encouraging climate in the learning center so that cadets can learn and grow to be both successful and accomplished adults ready to meet  and navigate the intricacies of our society today.


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