Riverside Military Academy Technology Initiative

Grades 7-9

Students entering grades 7-9 will be required to purchase a Chromebook (Dell 11) through Riverside Military Academy. Reviews of this Chromebook suggest that it is highly durable and ideally suited to withstand the typical demands of a cadet’s backpack. The Chromebook comes with a spill-resistant keyboard and touchpad and a scratch resistant Gorilla Glass screen. It boots up quickly and connects students and teachers to the cloud and carefully vetted learning resources. The Chromebook and G-Suite for Education work together to ensure your cadet's data are secure without the need to purchase software updates. Students will also receive a carry case for additional protection and convenience. This device has incredible battery life and will last the entire length of the demanding days at RMA.

The $340 cost of this device, including white glove G-Suite setup, Gorilla Glass screen, and Go-Guardian monitoring and security tracking, will be charged as a one-time fee due at or before registration. Once the device is paid for, it is yours to keep.

Grades 10-12

Students entering grades 10-12 will be permitted to bring their own laptop devices with them or purchase the Chromebook detailed above. If you do not yet own a laptop, we strongly encourage you to purchase a RMA Chromebook. If you choose to bring your own device, we know that choosing the right device is no easy endeavor. Some key considerations should include durability, battery life, high quality sound and graphics, and security. The older the device, the more challenges present themselves. This is particularly true for security and battery life. If you do choose to bring your own device, we insist that it be a laptop and not a tablet. Though G-Suite for education can run on any device, we recommend a device no more than three years old. It must have Wi-Fi connectivity and current anti-virus installed.

All personal laptop devices will be inspected at registration and catalogued by our Information Technology Department. In addition, all Cadets with personal devices will have a G-Suite for education account set up and personalized. The cost of administering personal laptops will be covered by a $50.00 technology fee assessed on an annual basis. Please click here to read more about G-Suite for education.

Please know that, even as we leverage technology more, we will continue to limit how and when our cadets engage with these tools. Our focus on time-management, organization, effective note-taking, and other key academic skills will not change.

Thank you for continuing to partner with us in your son's education as we work together to better prepare him to meet the twenty first century challenges of college and career.

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