JROTC Curriculum

The JROTC curriculum is divided into seven sections or units. Each unit offers a new opportunity, challenge, and different perspective from which the student can see himself and the world around him.

Unit 1: Citizenship in Action - helps develop new skills the student will need in school and throughout his life. It engages him in the practice of basic citizenship customs and traditions and in the exploration of opportunities for non-military and military national service.

Unit 2: Leadership Theory and Application - teaches the student about leadership. It teaches how to BE a leader, what you need to KNOW when you are influencing others and what you DO when you are leading.

Unit 3: Foundations for Success - designed to provide young cadets with hands-on experiential learning activities that build self-awareness, essential life skills and the ability to set and achieve goals.JROTC Leadership Excellence Log

Unit 4: Wellness, Fitness, and First Aid - provides training for getting started on total fitness, split-second emergencies, handling common emergencies, and lifesaving measures. There is also training on substance abuse awareness, intervention and prevention. By teaching the value of physical exercise and conditioning, personal hygiene and proper diet through the Cadet Challenge program (Presidential Council on Physical Fitness), a student will feel good about himself both physically and mentally.

Unit 5: Geography, Map Skills and Environmental Awareness - helps cadets develop a global perspective and awareness of environmental issues by engaging them in interactive activities that explore the use of maps, map reading and the sport of orienteering (an outdoor sport using maps to find one’s way from point A to point B).

Unit 6:  Citizenship in History and Government - builds basic skills and interest for participation in civic and political life. Students actively engage in We The People curriculum to explore the origins, structure, rights and responsibilities of the American Constitutional government.

Unit 7:  Air Rifle Safety and Marksmanship – teaches important elements of safety and marksmanship in the use of air rifles.

Cadet success is the main goal of the JROTC learning experience. The focus is on the development of better citizens by building skills in leadership, citizenship, life success, geography, and wellness in a structured interactive environment.

One of the most important traits a cadet develops is his potential to be a leader. Leadership development, provided through formal instruction in JROTC classes and throughout cadet life in the RMA Chain of Command, is a life-long benefit.

Top Honors

Riverside Military Academy's JROTC program has earned the top honor in its inspections for over 45 years. The Honor Unit with Distinction (HUD) is awarded to each JROTC school that passes the every third year inspection with a score between 600-1000 points. Cadets are tested by the JROTC command staff from Ft. Stewart, Georgia in the areas of management, drill and ceremony, classroom knowledge, color guard, and a cadet staff briefing. As a HUD school, RMA has the privilege to recommend up to five students to any of the U.S. Military Service Academies for the upcoming school year.

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